Youth Entertainments in Blackpool


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so what about the band that came 2nd last? they go home with less than the band that they played better than? Let's face it, not everyone can win, and we don't have to give a prize to everyone that turns up, no matter what age they are! We had years where we went and didn't win anything, but we got over it, just told the kids we'd be back next year, playing better and winning everything!

And they already give a prize to the youngest player at blackpool, so why would they need one for the youngest band as well?


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i wasnt talking about blackpool :p im not going into all the faults with that contest again ;);) :p best off asking richard evans or someone else in the know what the situation is with youth events.
The Peter Chrimes Cup is an award in memory of a friend of mine who died tragically and very suddenly last year. His favourite contest was the youth entertainments, and his daughter still plays for Rochdale Youth Band. The award is not given to the band who come last, and is awarded by the entertainment judge who takes into consideration the bands age, their appearance, their musical performance and how well they generally present themselves.

I understand it may seem patronising... but if you knew the man that Peter was, it's actually quite a beautiful award. :cry: