With the areas approaching and Vizcaya underway we still need a Solo Cornet to complete our line up.Chinnor Silver is on the Oxon / Bucks border easy from Oxford,Aylesbury,Reading & High Wycombe with lifts possible from all.May be you've had enough of Partita and want a challenge give us a ring don't miss out .Other please apply as players in this friendly band are willing to move for Mr or Mrs right.


How are you finding Viscaya? Having just been promoted to the 3rd section, we are finding parts of it really tough. I'm just trying to guage the standard of the band to the piece, thus section.
Good luck with filling the vacancy.
Toby wrote how are you finding vizcaya

It is certainly a challenge the 3 4 rhythms against the 6 8 is our biggest problem. ( I HOPE?) which band are you.


Hi Dave,

It certainly is a tough challenge isn't it, hows the baritone section getting on then !

First time in 15 years i'm having a rest from the areas, in fact will be away in Yorkshire at the B&R and Sellers Huddersfield concert that weekend.

Best Wishes and good luck to you all


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