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Some of us can be found in this item from the archives, the tMP concert at Hadleigh. TheMusicMan is in the middle with the baton, I am second from the right on the front row, and former mods Sparkling Quavers and Keppler are also present. I thought Di was in the photo, but then my poor old eyes aren't what they were - maybe someone else can help out!


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I was not thinking that you would all get together this very second and have a Photo taken, there is things like Email or Photobucket to send any snaps into *tmp's office and then they can be shown on the site.

After all someone must have taken part last time, is there any problem this time.?

* Johns spare bedroom


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* Johns spare bedroom {quote by 2nd man down}

I thought you had a big office in Leeds ---- next to Tetleys. ;)


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Oh, and me yesterday... I was the official photographer at s store opening in Newport where Sammy Winward (Emmerdale) and her boyfriend James Sutton (also Emmerdale) was there unofficially too. Took a load of shots of the store opening and of Sammy with fans etc.

Shots can be seen here

Here's me 'backstage' just as they were leaving.


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