Your Most Embarrassing (Not Band) Moment


Right then, we've had most embarrassing moments whilst being in possession of a brass instrument but there must be loads of you with embarrassing moments to share when you've not been with the Band.
I had one of mine this morning so i'll start the blushing!

This morning I was out in the front garden with the dog and this very dishy bloke walked past with 2 dogs. One of the dogs came into our garden so he followed to get it out.
He saw me and started talking to me about dogs etc. We talked for about 5 minutes and the more I looked at him the more i thought he really was quite dishy!
He eventually said goodbye and I went indoors.................................................only to discover I had my top on inside out and back to front!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:


...just remembered my other one....

On a train in a big queue for the loo it eventually got to be my turn. I went inside and tried to close the door. It just wouldn't close and it felt like something was stopping it. I went back outside only to discover that what was stopping it was the lady behind me's finger!!!......ouch!! :oops:

No offence, but I'm moving this to "Random" as, by definition, it is not to do with banding :!: Mod.


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I still remember with horror the time I let out the biggest f*rt in my life ever, at the age of 5, in school assembly. Honest to God I had no idea it was coming, it just let rip. :shock:
Nothing, not dancing on the pool table in the SU bar, not realising my beautiful, newly hennaed hair was dripping what looked like blood down my back in the rain, not even falling backwards out of a music shop into a puddle in Warrington while carrying a guitar, has ever come close to that sublimely embarrassing moment. :oops:

BMB who now needs to log off and hide under the wardrobe for a dew days. I have issues about this you know.


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partley my embaresment and other "strangers"

was on a train to leeds - and was sat on a seat oposite the door for the toilet (which had electric doors)

this guy goes in presses the button to shut the door

1 min later it opens by its self (the guy sat on the loo) quite embaressing

after the guy had left it just kept doing it - other went in but it kept opening before they did anything!

not that good but was quite embaresing!

Big Twigge

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Probably not my most embarassing but its a start. I was out in a pub (i wasn't drunk) and saw what i thought was a feely box, it had a sectioned rubber bit over the hole... i stuck my hands in only to realised that it was infact a bottle bank


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Not my most embarrassing ever, but perhaps up there alongside.

Was playing in a Korfball (don't ask me what it is, search for it on the web) yesterday and was warming up before the game by doing some "running in shots".

Ran forward, threw ball upwards, failed to stop running and ended up straddling the post, whilst contemplating my future chances of children, the ball gave in to gravity and dropped on my head. this was followed in the game by me falling over whilst nowhere near anyone else. and also taking a freeball in my own half and inexplicably passing intentionally to the opposition. not good!



if you are going to make posts like the one that you started this thread with, I think you should stop naming your band at the end of your posts. we don;t want the world thinking that the whole band is completely mad.


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Got given a superman costume as a small child and thought it came with the power or flight. Climbed to the top of the climbing frme in the local park, got everybodys attention 'cos being able to fly is cool and proceeded to plumet head first into a bike wheel before the adults had got off their bench to stop me. Came out wearing the wheel as some sort of neck jewelry and proceeded to bleed everywhere. My mum started carrying me to the hospital until her boss drove past in a nice new Saab and offered us a lift. The interior looked awfully nice with that many blood stains.

Equally embarassing is doing the same stunt down the stairs when my head had healed as I thought maybe I hadnt turned the cape on at the first attempt. Result................just as much blood loss as the hall had a stone floor.


hahaha...that one tickled me lots!


Well one time I had a load of friends around for a house party when parents were away (as you do) and had drunk a few bottles of wine, was mid flow in conversation walking around the picnic table..

when I looked around to find myself shoulder deep in the pond covered in slime. I blame it entirely on my dad for moving the table a few days before and not telling me, how was I meant to know there was a pond there, I've only lived there for 18 years! Never lived it down though... :( Funniest thing was when big twigge arrived home that evening and asked me why I was covered in pond weed and I tryed to tell her (very convincingly I thought at the time) that it was white wine and in fact not pond weed at all, I don't think she believed me.

OH the shame


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Lol! Very good stories Twigglet and Steve 21, amused me quite a lot! :lol: Shall post one at some point, but don't have time to at the moment, got to dash to rehearsal.

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I've had several embarrassing moments in my life, but the one that comes to mind at the moment happened in high school gym. We were working on the pommel horse, something I've never been good at. I had an irrational fear of attempting even the simplest of moves on the thing. This time the teacher was being kind and just wanted me to run up and land on it with my knees. I was determined to go through with and ran at it with gusto, but when I got there I couldn't do it. I stopped short and was so embarrassed about it that I turned quickly around to get out of sight and promptly tripped over the spring board and landed smack on my face.


SO that would be in Bridlington this summer with s group of mates. We'd been to the pub and decided to wonder back to the house we were staying in along the beach (can you see where this is heading?)

We then thought (ok, so i thought) it would be a great idea to try paddling... and i fell over the water and soaked myself through... and got really bad hiccups from the shock.

Then, after walking the rest of the way back in salty sandy clothes, i stumbled out the back door to my other friends in the garden and yelled them the whole story, interupted frequently by giants *HIC*s, through the darkness.

They wont let me live that down... :oops:


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i was once playing 'tic' in my next door neighbours garden, and the stones on the edge of the pond were 'den'. of course when running to 'den' at high speed, it's quite hard to stop...

head first into the pond!

it was a bit smelly


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Pythagoras said:
Breaking my nose while doing a forward role in PE.

OUCH! :lol:

Well at the RNCM Tuba/ Euph festival last weekend, I was happily sitting down listening through Steven Mead's new CD, when he came up to me and asked whether I could take some photo's of him in his recital, with his digital camera. So feeling a bit honoured I said yes.
So wandered into the concert hall, got a good seat, and turned the camera on.
Through the concert ,wanting to make sure i'd got a few good ones, I'd probably taken about 15 photo's, so was feeling quite chuffed. After his recital, I went off to find him and handed him the camera. He said "lets see what you've got then," and then told me I hadn't taken any!?! :oops: :oops: :oops:

Has been the most embarassing moment of my life, (especially as he's my idol!) and I was kicking myself for the rest of the day! :roll: :oops: :cry:


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Ok, time for me to 'fess up I think...

A few years ago I moonlighted as a church youth group leader. This tended to involve generally supervising all manner of insane activity, usually involving water and turning into a bit of a wet t-shirt competition (who said the CofE was boring?).

One lovely summer evening we were running relay races along the church green when a fellow leader decided to add a twist - running with a bucket over your head. Well, we cheated merrily by holding the rim of the bucket so we could see where we were going. Wise to this, the man in charge decreed that hands should be placed on top of the bucket - RERUN.

So off I went - and somehow lost my footing and fell forwards landing bucket and nose onto hard ground. OUCH! Got up, finished race and we won. Promptly collapsed with bleeding nose and spinning world - but continued the meeting.

Next morning still felt awful and decided getting checked out at A&E would be the best bet. Did lab session at Uni first (concussion plus bunsen burner - fun!) then down to Casualty (where I'd been working as part of my course the morning before) to explain the situation to a load of staff who all knew me and were VERY unsympathetic... :oops:

Hoping SM, VC and the rest don't remember this tale to blackmail me in the future - some folk still call me Buckethead y'know...

Rach x


I have you all beaten

Working as a Student Nurse - first placement in Medical Ward - Nurse Tutor is leaving for another area and is coming round to say goodbye to all her lovely students.

I'm standing in the middle of the ward talking to her, feeling really pleased she had made the effort to come and see me, when I notice......

The poor soul has a hair sticking to her face!

No, no, no - that's not it..............

I think - that's a shame, how embarrassing for her - I should pull it off for her.............

I reach out, gently take hold of the hair...... her eyes go wide......... I smile reassuringly as I pull to remove the offending follicle. .......

Her skin stretches out as I pull the mole hair.

'Ah yes, I've been meaning to trim that' she says.

Thank God she was leaving.

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