Your first ever contest piece?


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Thanks and the same to you......Mr James is working us all really hard...hope it pays off this time.


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Re: First test piece

Moy said:
It was just called Suite for Brass but not sure who composed it Suz. Loads of pieces called that :wink:
I think the one you're thinking of was composed by Mike Davis.

My first test piece was Sinfonietta "The Wayfarer" (Erci Ball) in 1977/78ish. Championship Section at Folkestone. We won. It was just one of those (rare!!) days when everything went right.

the fish

My first proper contest test was Journey Into Freedom Eric Ball Championship Section with Morris Motors band aged 15 at the Reading Contest at The Hexagon.

Seem to remember a few beers after as well......

Big Twigge

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I do believe that my first test piece was also "Little Suite for Brass" can't remember the year but I remember being lickle and scared ...
Mine was Purcell Variations. Fantastic piece! That was at Pontins! ( :p ) I couldn't think of a better place to break your contest virginity! :D


My first test piece was Salute To Youth (Gilbert Vinter) in the Championship Section at the C.I.S.W.O. Blackpool Contest in 1963.

I played Solo Euphonium after having just left Sunderland Monkwearmouth Salvation Army Band.

Salute To Youth is still one of my favourite pieces to this day.



drummergurl said:
mine was haslemere suite, i dont remember who its by

thats the test piece this year for the national youth brass band championshios and i absolutely HATE the piece!!!

We've got coventary variations at the area's and there's no comparison to that it is just a superb piece of writing

Brian Kelly

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My First testpiece was "Corialanus", 3rd section North West regionals with Farnworth Old Band (now Eatons Farnworth & Walkden) in 1980/81 - we came 3rd.

My 2nd testpiece was "Tournament for Brass" at the Pilkington Contest in St Helens in November 2003...


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Vizcaya, 3rd section, 2004. :wink:
I did a youth band contest last year, but we were playing Instant Concert so I don't think it counts. :p


Music for a Festival by Philip Sparke with Wardle High School Band at the Youth Championships in 1995. We won by the way! hanks Philip for a beautiful piece- still my favourite!


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If remember correctly, the first was "Four Corners of the World" (Ronald Hanmer?) - not a bad bass trombone part either - , although we also did "Carnival Romain" and "White Company" around the same time. That was in the second section with the then Coventry Festival Band.
Can't remember the title of mine, 4th section piece for 2001, written by Henry Geehl, I think the first movement was called sunrise and the third was definitely called Morris Dance. That was with Welbeck Estates, we came 25th out of 25. I played 2nd baritone instead of trombone.


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My first contest was Skelmersdale, when my band (Pemberton Old) played the John Peel Suite in the B section. (A masterpiece which has disappeared without trace, thank goodness). Winners that day were Trinity Girls.

Next contest was at the Drill Hall in Wigan where we played Cornish Cavalier and Indian Summer; no placing but our solo horn won the soloist prize. Next was Mexican Fiesta at Bolton Town Hall - second place - then Blackpool contest, at the Norbreck Hydro where we won on Beethoven's 5th.

Was anyone else there? We're talking early seventies I'm afraid...




Mine was Petite Suite De Ballet many many years ago when the Edinburgh Charities was held in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh - fantastic hall and venue. Managed to win the 4th section with Peebles Burgh.
Must be going on 25-30 years ago :cry:


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Er....racking my brains on this one, (they say as you get older your memory....something?) best guesses are either;
Peter Schmoll
A Suite For Switzerland
or Four Little Maids.

but it's definitely 4th section at Fleetwood roundabout 1979/80!

1st top section one, "Blitz" NW Areas 1999 with Wingates.

Di B

Rufford Abbey - the 1st baritone part... around 1987/88 at the old Leicester contest as was.

Remember I wasn't nervous at all - I sat on stage, saw a mate in the audience and started waving and talking to him! :shock:

Nowadays I am much more professional of course.... I just pull faces! :wink: