Your first ever contest piece?


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Excalibur by Jan Van der Roost but we've never played it in contest or concert since we didn't succeed to play it entirely...
So if you think of the first test piece played in contest I have 3, cause here in France we have a set piece and we have to play a half an hour program. So mine was : Ancient Monument (Bertrand Moren), Toccata Festiva (Jan Van der Roost) and Variations on Laudate Dominum (Edward Gregson). It was at the 2006 France National Championship in the 3rd division. Not a very succesful choice...


I played 'Between the Moon and Mexico' by Philip Sparke at Fleetwood, followed by 'Blitz' by Derek Bourgeois at Pontins in 2006, both on third cornet :)


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"English Folk Song Suite" by Ralph Vaughan Williams, /QUOTE]

Oh how I remember that piece.
It's a nice work, but the Yorkshire Schools Band played it to death in the 1960s.
I started off liking it but after incessant performances it ceased to tickle my musical palate !

I could enjoy listening to it again though. (Once or twice !!)

- Mr Wilx


New World Symphony with Selkirk Silver Band 1980 Usher Hall Edinburgh - Contest Edinburgh Charities.
We were bottom of the fourth section at the time and the band drew something like 47 out of 48 but had to be at the draw at 8AM in the morning. By the time we played (way past my bedtime as I was only 9!!) the senior members had consumed copious amounts of alcohol to the extent that the Bass Trombone player slid off his chair (you know who you are - DAD!!!!!) during the performance.

I remember the repercussions well - as the band at the time was evenly split between senior members and junior members, us juniors all signed a petition and handed it in to the committee demanding that the band take a more professional approach to contesting and lo and behold we shot up the sections after that.


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New World Symphony QUOTE]

Me too.
Senior Cup at Belle Vue Manchester 1961.
My first contest and we won 1st Prize.
I thought contesting was a piece of cake.
I was soon disillusioned !!

Nice piece to start contesting with though.

- Mr Wilx


Four Little Maids by Alan Carr, don't think i've heard it since!
Played in the 4th section, Cornwall BBA contest in 1995, I remember we only had 18 players and came second.


The first contest I ever played in was on 3rd Cornet in an entertainment contest in Kingston-upon-Hull Town Hall in September 1984 with the York Railway Institute Band. I can't remember our programme, but the set piece for all the bands was the Third Movement, Con Brio, of the Sinfonietta for Brass Band by Joseph Horovitz. :D
There was a bit in there that none of the 2nd and 3rd Cornets could play. The conductor said he'd buy us all a drink (each! :sup) if we played it right on the day! We all duly played it perfectly!! :D



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I never thought of offering you beer! Doh!

I started on the contest stage at Hardraw Scar, with Rothwell Temperance band, aged 11. The band, just starting out contesting in the 4th section under the baton of Glyn Kersley, Sadly no idea what it was we played . . .


Mine was Little Suite in F by Holst.

It was the 4th Section National piece in 1984 at the RAH, my only recollection was marvelling at the mushrooms in the ceiling! Couldn't have been the best contribution by a 3rd cornet on the day!


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My first contest was the 4th section national finals in 2006 (i think that was the year anyway!!) in Harrogate. I played with Amington band but i was on percussion..playing the bongos! The piece was called Valerius Variations bye Philip Sparke :) It was a really fun piece!