Your first ever contest piece?


Mine would be the Grand Shield in 2005, thats right I'm only young (20). Played 2nd Eb Bass with Besses O'Th' Barn on Masquerade by Philip Wilby. Finished 9th as I remember!
My first test piece was Saddleworth Festival Overture at the 1996 Hardraw Scar Contest.
My first areas was in 1997 on Pennine Moors, talk about baptism of fire, playing the Flugel part!!!

snap!! same as me but i was on 2nd barritone, must ov been in the same band lol, if i remeber corectly we won the hardraw scar contest (only 4th section band) and came 2nd at the area, (fall of the year was the test piece for the finals that year)


My first contest were the Regionals in Bristol in early 2000's, I forget the date now...

The piece was The Haslemere Suite.

That's all I can really remember... Only contesting I've done since is Whit Friday...


Promenade by Frank Bryce with Dinnington Band in 1976 if I remember correctly. We won the Yorkshire Mineworkers Areas in Sheffield City Hall with it. Maurice Thompson conducting.

All of a sudden I feel very old !!!!


Excelsior - (cant remeber the composer, it was written for St Helens youth band anyway haha)
3rd section Pontins, i played 2nd trom with Whitworth Band, ended up coming 6th

Anno Draconis

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Excelsior - (cant remeber the composer, it was written for St Helens youth band anyway haha)
Howard Snell - and shouldn't it have a "!"?

Mine was probably Eric Ball's Divertimento at the North Wales Rally with Northop Youth, about 1983ish. First "senior" piece would have been Connotations with Northop at the Wigan COntest in about 1985-6 ish.

OMG, now I feel old. :mad:


Contest Day by Eric Ball. 4th section national championships, Hammersmith town hall 1980. Played 2nd cornet for Haverton Hill Silver Band. Don't know where we came though?

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Mine was the Corsair at the West Mids contest in Leamington on 2nd Trombone. All the way back in the late 80's.
1988 London and SC Area Championships playing bumper up with Halls Oxford Concert Brass under Keith Wilkinson - Ballet for Band test piece - came 2nd.


It would have been Leicester Festival when held at the De Monfort Hall 1985/86 ish test piece was Scheherazade playing with Brigg band we came last by quite a long way - I even remember walking into a McDonalds and someone had left a programme in there with comments at the side of all bands in my section and against Brigg it simply said s^!t - oh well :oops:
Mine was Triptych, Dronfield Contest, around 1990, think we won 4th section and got a prize in 3rd section, not bad for the bands first contest in years! :)
Indian summer - about 1972 I think - :eek: - just a young lad then and seem to remember conductor falling over drunk - how times change - now its me falling over


My 1st test piece was when I depped for a 4th section band at pontins and the piece was Facets of Glass by Gordon Langford (I think). The first piece with my own band was Sinfonietta for Brass Band (again, played at Pontins)