Your favourite (clean) muso style gags?

Dave Payn

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Here's a starter.

Notice in Classical Music magazine:

'Experienced and established string quartet requires two violins and a 'cello.'


I was recently looking at the website of a band in Canada (band name withheld to protect the innocent) and came across the following on their Vacancies page:

"Intelligent double BBflat bass player sought..."

Dare to dream. Oh, wait a minute, I used to play BBb bass. ;-)



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Define perfect pitch................

.......Its when the banjo doesnt hit the sides of the dissapearing dumpster.

uncle eric

hello friends

i'm not very good at telling jokes but here goes. i know it's an old one, but it's still my favourite

wife to husband (or vice versa): you love that blooming* band more than me!
husband to wife (or vise versa): i love (insert name of rival band-and swear word for effect if desired, although we don't really hold with profanity in the uncle eric household) more than you!!!!

*apologies for the language, especially the youngsters and ladies

ha ha ha ha etc

uncle eric

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