Your Favourite Band instrument??!!!

So which one is your fave??

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groovy said:
Ah, yes, bass trombone head. An ailment commonly suffered by younger bass trombonists (maybe older too, I dunno!) It can sometimes be contracted by tubaists too. After a period of playing, especially if pedals are involved, the player suffers great amounts of dizziness and lightheadedness which could possibly involve eventually passing out though I have never seen this happen. :shock:

Oh yes, of course. :)
Another vote for Flugel! I love playing it and listening to it. It really is one of the cushiest parts in the score!!

Sop Flugel and Bass Trom are a bit special and I always tend to look out for these players when listening to a band. Bass Trom players should be at the very edge of the band eh Razor??!! :D

Okiedokie of Oz

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Depends which band I am playing in. AS a tuba player, I feel traiterous by admitting I prefer bass trom or euph. But when playing in a solid, hard working band, I get a kick out of being a foundation.

Baritone and horn is fun, love the harmonies.

"Soprano head" is every bit as intense as "bass trom head". Believe me, been there, done that. don't mind playing sop long as it's a one off thing. I refuse to put myself through that physical torture regularly!!
We're all going to be biased to our own instruments aren't we.

If for one minute we can put that bias aside it has to be the Soprano, Bass Trombone and Flugel. They're the three instruments that really put all the flavour that we love into the brass band. Enough said.


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I love the sound of a well played Eb bass. It does everything, small ensembles, full band, big sonorous stuff, fancy solos etc and when in the right hands its a great sounding instrument.


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Clearly the bass trombone is the best instrument within and without the band.

Excluding trombones though I'd say Bb bass because it has such a massive sound.


Flugel is by far the best instrument in a band. The sound of a flugel cannot be matched by any other instrument.
Even though I'm playing cornet at the moment it isnt a patch on my beloved Flugel Horn, something just doesnt feel right when I play a cornet, its just too small!!

Jo x
I would say eb bass because I play one! But, If I had to pick any instrument in the band I'd play horn or flugel. On those parts you get so many exciting parts especially for contests! Many composers don't wrote many solos for eb basses in contests pieces! Also, horns are a damned sight lighter than basses! Horns are the main section to a band-oh how I'd love to be on that section. :p

But, eb basses are important too-and nice! :D

Dave Payn

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OK, what about 'Favourite BANNED instrument'?

I'll say piccolo trumpet.


Joking aside, for a while when I was playing soprano with Crystal Palace many moons ago (in the early-mid 1980s - they were non contesting at the time)) I was, for concert/bandstand work, using a Schilke piccolo (which takes a cornet mouthpiece). Sacrilege I know... but the band didn't seem to mind. I've never totally got on with a sop, which is a roundabout way of saying I'm crud at it! :(

Well Worth It

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If keeping the beat going were left up to anyone but the percussion, the heart beat of the Brass Band, the music would irrevocably, become a pulseless durge.
It's all very well saying that the basses are the engine room of the band, but the percussion just LET you think that.
In your defence basses, it requires a much greater physical effort to play your pipes than to hit a drum. Keep with us though, and you'll never be out of sync......(ahem)

We add invaluable colour to the mellifluous brass sounds. Infinitessimal sounds can be produced by hitting/scratching/shaking objects, and simply by writing specifically for these magical instruments, a composer/arranger can instantly capture the desired mood of his/her work - expressing the style of the music to follow in just a few seconds.
Percussive sounds can be made to blend or to overpower as required, neither of which cause that much trouble for the player to achieve.

Can anyone tell which way my vote is going?
Horns are alright though, I s'pose.


ben.gernon said:
Many composers don't wrote many solos for eb basses in contests pieces!

Well said that man.... Although after our last rehearsal I don't think the guy sat next to me would agree.....Mr Cadenza!!!!! :lol:

PS....Eb Bass of course :wink:


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Sorry, but you can't beat a bass trombone. Percussion's pretty good (except when the kit's right next to your right ear!) and sops are alright when they're played right. Everything else is just pants. There's nowt better than a good whap on a march, or playing notes that sounds like a fart in a bathtub.

Well Worth It

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You know you can't replace that ringing in your ear with anything else.
Your "whaps" are second to none though!!
Eb Bass all the way. such a versatile instrument.
Other than that, Bass Trom. - edge to the bass section, and Sop. - in the hands of a musician, the icing on the cake.

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