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I attended a concert last night. It wasn't an ordinary concert by any stretch of the imagination....

Most concerts don't start at midnight and only last an hour....

You see Youngblood Brass Band aren't a Brass Band in the strictest sense of the term, for a start they have a sax player...

Youngblood Brass Brass are a "New Orleans Style" Brass Band composed of 2 Tenor Troms, 2 Bb trumpets, a Bb Tenor Sax, a Sousaphone and two percussionists.

Last night they played Sheffield Uni Union's Tuesday Club to a great reception and it was indeed a great performance.

The crowd had been warmed up from 11pm with some extremely funky hip-hop played by the Tuesday Club's resident DJ before the Band appeared bang on midnight, instruments in one hand, Stella in the other.

They immediately launched into a lively set which oozed energy, passion, sweat and pure funk. Playing a unique mix of fusion jazz and Hip-Hop they blew everyone away. Take Tower of Power, fast forward them 20 years and you're kinda getting close to what these people are all about. The trombone players carried most of the melodic leg-work and certianly earned their pay. The trumpets were used more sparingly with Maynard Fergusonesque flourishes of frankly ridiculous pitch and power. The poor Sousaphone player..... I take my hat off to him. He put in a sterling performance whilst dealing with technical difficulites regarding his mike. This guy was awesome, never stopped playing and even mangagd at one point to play his Sousaphone and bang a drum simultaeneously. What got me though was his uncanny ability to perfectly immitate a record being scratched, truly awesome. Throw in some lively percussion and a bit of rapping and you can begin to get the picture. The conditions they were playing in weren't ideal either, hot, dark, sweaty, smoky, small room, low ceiling and a ridiculous amount of weed was being smoked too, but they pulled it off.

Youngblood are doing a sterling job, dragging brass playing by the scruff of its neck into the 21st Century. These lads, not much older than myself aren't just in it for the money, they also have an active schools partnership scheme in the States and whilst in the UK are happy to visit local schools if teachers contact them. I manged to have a word with the Sousaphone player after they had finished and he was a quality bloke. We talked about Sousaphones, standard Tubas, bore differences, mouthpieces, New Orleans Bands, British Brass Bands (I quote "I really dig that s**t man, its awesome!!"), George Bush, the UK, the price of fish and England's threadbareness at Centre-Half (Ok maybes not the last 2 then...) I can only wish him, and the rest of the band best of luck in the future, they are ambassadors to brass players world over.

Their UK tour continues and if you get the chance to see them, go! You can't help but move your feet, the quality of playing is exemplary and the soloing is fantastic. A bargain for a fiver!!

My only gripe was with the crowd who started chanting "Tubaaa, Tubaaa" at one point.... ITS A B*****Y SOUSAPHONE!!


Just visited thier website and had a listen to some of thier choons.

They sound excellent. i can see one of thier albums on my xmas list.

Only wish i had seen them live.


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it was on a while ago, just everybody besides me seems to have missed it!

they're in leeds on 28th May!
The regular sousaphone player for Youngblood BB, Nat McIntosh, is a real kick-ass player! He's great with the licks for Youngblood. But I also heard him play a very fine "straight" classical tuba in a Master Class with Roger Bobo at an ITEC a few years ago. I think Nat is on sabbatical from Youngblood, so I don't know if it is he who is touring the UK with Youngblood.


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As far as I am aware it was Nat who was playing for them on Tuesday... He did tell me his name but by this point I had consumed several alcoholic beverages so have forgotten what he said. :oops:


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Aye the sound is , interesting....much better to listen too than "Les Preludes" etc......
not exactly the same , but if you can get hold of some of the stuff by Ole Edward Antonsen ( Norway ), Tour de can hear the original version of " Vite Lux "...bringing brass playing into the 21st Century..brilliant...


For anyone interested they are back at the Tuesday Club on 14th March. I for one will be going along as I missed it last time. Check out the Tuesday club web pages:

The phrase " a Grimethorpe Rage Against the Machine." has sold it to me.



I'll see if I can find a feedback card in one of their CDs...

"How did you first hear about YBBB?"

"Through a recommendation on the highly acclaimed brass band discussion forum that is tMP, a forum that promotes open and varied discussion about all things related to, and many uinrelated to, Brass Bands and all things Brass - perhaps you should check it out."


They sound pretty good. I will admit I am a fan of the New Orleans style brass band, especially The Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

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HANNAH said:
They sound pretty good. I will admit I am a fan of the New Orleans style brass band, especially The Dirty Dozen Brass Band.
they were on the Belgian national tv a couple of weeks ago. great!


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Blimey!! you people on drugs??? what wrong with the old fashioned proper sound of a real brass band? bring back hanging I say! and the old money, I knew where i was with thruppence halfpenny and ten shilling notes.You cant beat a good pair of proper cloggs, a knotted handkerchief on yer head and a trusty whippet by your side as you wonder down to the Crown and Cushion for a pint of mild.


New Orleans Brass Bands...

Glad you brought up the concert. There are a load of "brass" bands that perform throught the UK and don't have the (what we define as brass band "sound"). I have listened and have a load of CD's and LP's of these, including the maiden release from The Dirty Dozen, there is of course the ****ywood Brass band tradition, a CD called Blowers from the Balkans, released by Topic (TSCD 922), Cabaret Voll II (released by Teatri/Felmay FY 8096), not to mention the dazzling skills of Boban Markovic and his orchestar. Many years ago I heard on tape a jazz group called Loose Tubes and they were awesome and reached a whole new audience.

If anyone has interest in these New Orleans Brass Bands, there is a book by Mick Burns on the original New Orleans bands and their history (which is close to the ideas behind the origins of our bands!!) and ethnologies of leading bands and soloists like Leroy Jones, the lead trumpet on the Harry met Sally soundtrack and soloist with the Harry Connick Jnr. band.

Its a great read.


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I have heard of the Youngblood Brassband. Got a track of them somewhere. Good band and fist in with my other favourite New Orleans style bands like Dirty Dozen and Rebirth Brassband.
Went to see a Dutch Funk & Soul band a few years ago. They were called "De Broeders". Great sounds and they certainly got the audience on the dance floor. Ever seen a bright red Sousaphone? Shame they're mot together anymore. Can't buy their music anymore neither as they published their CD's themselfes.
They made a great song called Funky Tuba! I got the album if anybody is interested?

Another good band resides in Bradford which is more of a streetband really called Piece Artists. Also fun to listen to.



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Hey dead right there Music man! we are all on medication of some sort at Barnstonworth, we are mostly on day release from various institions, but its a happy band if you can manage to ignore the self harmers.


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timbloke said:
For anyone interested they are back at the Tuesday Club on 14th March. I for one will be going along as I missed it last time. Check out the Tuesday club web pages:

The phrase " a Grimethorpe Rage Against the Machine." has sold it to me.



bleep bleep bleep

bleeping week of bleeping reheasals before bleeping area bleeping contest.




Would have taken wednesday off work and come down especially for it, but will have rehearsal on tuesday night :(

Will be interesting to see how the band are shaping up as I believe Nat McIntosh has left and I think many will admit as band leader and sousaphone player he led from the front. There is a recording on the Live. Places. album of the new lineup, but to be honest in my opinion i believe it is the weakest track on the album, although still of a high standard.

I also await the new album with anticipation...

Note other live UK dates:

March 10 - Wardrobe, Leeds
March 11 - Fat City, Manc
March 12 - Fibbers, York (early show), Zanzibar, Liverpool
March 13 - Charlotte, Leicester
March 14 - Tuesday Club, Sheffield
March 15 - Cargo, London
March 16 - Club Iforbach, Cardiff
March 17 - Arches, Glasgow
March 18 - Vibraphonic festival, Exeter
March 19 - The Social, Nottingham
March 20 - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich

Alas, no Newcastle date this time :(

I cannot recommend Youngblood highly enough. They are genre defying, a bit New Orleans style but doing Hip Hop. To quote the band themselves:

"...rhyming over New Orleans rhythms, horn solos over hiphop beats, a Madison take on the Afro-Cuban concept of clave, samba-esque melodies that morph into hard funk, spoken words over post-modern jazz - its all there"

An interesting mix but it works and they are techinically good and most importantly tight as ****. Even if you don't fancy a live gig, stop by their site and listen to the sample tracks. Any brass combo that can boast album tracks with Talib Kweli, Mike Ladd, DJ Skooly and Frank Zappa's voaclist - Ike Willis deserves a listen to. Personally I would recommend that every tuba player should listen to the track "The Trilogy vs DJ Skooly" on the Unlearn album at least once in their life - its insane!

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