Young Musician of The Year


I'd like to congratulate my band's Solo Cornet player, Liam, for getting through to the 2nd round of BBc's Young Musician of the Year. :D
He is currently Principal Cornet with Hampshire Youth Brass Band and is currently selecting a College or University to continue his music studies.


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Yes - many congratulations Liam!

As a former contestant myself I know how tough it can be (although admittedly I was in the nose in the air section of the competition playing shortly after dislocating a shoulder - and damn painful it was too!). Anyone who even meets the standard for YM deserves a lot of respect.

Rach x


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a couple of years ago a few of us entered it together, and the first round for us was held at the rncm.
Now all the rncm peeps on here will know that the Lord Rhodes Room is normally a great room to play in... UNLESS they decide to repair the air-conditioning on the day of the 1st round! we ended up breaking a sweat as we walked into the room! it was like the saharra.
another fine college cock-up :D

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