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YABB are touring USA & Canada again from 1st - 15th August and are looking for some players to complete it's line up.

We're after players of Championship section standard between the ages of 18 -35 and currently have vacancies for Basses (Bb & Eb), Cornets and a Solo Horn player.

The cost of the trip is £430 and the schedule is as follows :-

Aug 1st Fly London to Boston
Aug 2nd Springfield, Ma / Danbury, Ct
Aug 3rd Springfield, Ma
Aug 4th Albany/Lake George, NY
Aug 5th Albany/Lake George, NY
Aug 6th Buffalo, NY
Aug 7th Buffalo NY / St Catharines, Ont
Aug 8th Weston, Ont
Aug 9th Guelph, Ont
Aug 10th Burlington, Ont
Aug 11th Niagara Falls, Ont
Aug 12th Weedsport, NY
Aug 13th Weedsport, NY
Aug 14th Fly Boston to London

If you are interested then please mail me some details about yourself to


What do u mean by championship standard? I've never played in a championship band but have grade 8 merit trumpet, can also play horn.


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We have front and back row cornet spaces at present !

Our reason for requesting Championship standard players is due to the fact that we have very little rehearsal time.

We meet as a band for the first time at the airport and that's the 1st time you get to see what music we are playing.

Although we arrive Friday we spend a few hours on the bus getting to our first destination. The first time the band will sit down and play together will be during a short rehearsal on Saturday. Following this we have our first concert in Danbury, Ct on Saturday night.

Sunday we have no rehearsal time as we do two concerts (one lunchtime and one evening) and then on Monday we depart for Lake George and have another rehearsal followed by an evening concert.

Good sight-reading ability is a must.

Make no mistake - it's a tiring trip (as many who have done it before will testify). There's at least 1 concert a day, sometimes 2.
The band party hard (and there's a wealth of bars that we revisit every time we're there) but are also expected to deliver the goods on stage.

Accommodation in the main is with families at the various venues we visit though there will be a couple of hotel stops.


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Hope it all goes well - sorry I can't get the time off to come but keep me in mind for next time - I will make it one day, I promise!

Rach x


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is that you neil? or is it claire with a different name?
soz i couldnt come... am going to be v. skint this summer as it is ;)
but make sure im definately down for october!!!
Did you get lucy for solo horn in the end..?

Yabb rules, everyone should do it.
What time is it....?
Thanks for coming, you've been a right laugh... now (edited) off!


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You missed a very good trip. Nathan played solo horn again, and we spent several fun days in Luxembourg. We even ended up at the same bar in Ettelbruck that we were in last October.

Anyway mate, thanks for coming, you've been a right laugh........................



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haha .. the bar where we did the dwarves thing?? and competed against the locals in singing filthy songs.. including anhour long version of yogi bear?? :D


Well I am no longer a YABB virgin, and my lord what an experience it was!!!

I highly recommend it to anybody it was a lot of fun, a bit messy, and very smelly (.......oh the aroma of bus toilets will haunt me forever!)

i am so tired now that i am actually shaking!


Roger Thorne

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twigglet said:
Well I am no longer a YABB virgin, and my lord what an experience it was!!!

I highly recommend it to anybody it was a lot of fun, a bit messy, and very smelly (.......oh the aroma of bus toilets will haunt me forever!)

i am so tired now that i am actually shaking!


Elin, you must choose you words more carefully!


Phil Green

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How about a list of the players that went on the trip and what band they play for?
My memories of YABB trips are quite similar to those mentioned already, I wonder if any of the same faces are still going.


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Phil Green said:
How about a list of the players that went on the trip and what band they play for?

Principal Cornet
Alex Thomas (YBS)

Front Row
Stephen Gilbey (Soham Comrades)
James Pearson (Jackfield Elcock Reisen)
Rachel Marriott (Jaguar (Coventry))
Stuart Jackson (Ever Ready)

David Notley (Soham Comrades)

Richard Dines (Yorkshire Imps)

2nd Cornet
Claire Hudson (Yorkshire Imps)
Karen Jazwinski (Lindley)

3rd Cornet
Judith Jones (Stanstead Silver)
Elin Twigge (Wem Jubilee)

Sian Carrodus (Yorkshire Imps)

Solo Horn
Nathan Waterman (Kibworth)

1st Horn
Megan Bailey (Alliance Brass)

2nd Horn
Helen Varley (BT)

1st Bari
Richard Robinson (Stanstead Silver)

2nd Bari
Stuart Clough (Jaguar (Coventry))

Solo Trombone
Neil Samuel (Leyland)

2nd Trombone
Tim Morgan (Redbridge)

Bass Trombone
Richard Batten (Stanstead Silver)

Solo Euph
Shawn Pagington (Travelsphere)

2nd Euph
Tim Smith (Sellers)

Eb Bass
Chris Barnes (Besses)
Clive Zwanswinski (Desford)

Bb Bass
Sam Kind (Yorkshire Imps)
Matt Pearson (Jaguar (Coventry))

Mark Handley (Stanstead Silver)
Graham Butcher (Kazakhstan Prize Winning Silver)

We did indeed descend on the same bar as before Aidan, although we left the dwarves behind this time.

Roll on October!



I think by the time it gets to the states trip i may have just about recovered from luxembourg! :shock:

To anybody thinking about going - if you can go then do, it's a fantastic laugh with a bunch of hilarious people, i don't think i've ever laughed so much in my life!

Didn't realise you were on here sam! Was it you who got the video clip of Lisa eating? That memory will haunt me forever!!!

Hi too to Elin, glad you had a good time, hope you're fully recovered now!! :D As for the smell on the coach, don't remind me!!

Any other Yabbs on here?



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No, I think the video clip of Lisa eating was taken by Mr Handley. I certainly DON'T want reminding of that!

I do have two video clips. Both from the pub in Ettelbruck, one of us singing I am the Music Man, complete with actions, and one of In the Stores, complete with the comedy ending.

They'll be on general release over the next few days.

For the record, the bus smelt worse on the trip to Luxembourg last October. Although Mr Robinson altered the smell of the bus fairly quickly, we hadn't even left Upper Road last October!



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Phil - We have the services of Mr Drury yet again for the summer trip to USA/Canada.

Good in 2 ways :-
1:- Damn fine player
2:- Great replacement for Frank when the arrangements become too difficult for him to conduct.

Maybe it's about time we dropped the 'Young' bit from the title.

Helen - I'm on here too. This is the forum I used to recruit Elin.

Rich Batten
YABB and Stansted Silver


Me too Helen!

It's me with the video clip but it hasn't come out too clear. (beurgh Aidan)

It's also side ways on cos didn't realise you couldn't rotate video clips like photos. oh well.

Glad you enjoyed your first yabb too.

And to both you and Sam, the toilet is far worse on a summer trip. You live with it every day in red hot temperatures!!


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