Young Ambassadors Brass Band Of Great Britain


The Young Ambassadors Of Great Britain invites brass and percussion players to partake in 2005 tour programme.

Easter (26-29 March, Luxembourg)


USA/Canada (5-20 August).

Players should be of Championship Section standard.

Contact Frank Wolff on - 01865326271


Neil Samuel on - 07887920861
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Sorry to sound a little uninformed, I've never heard of this before? Could someone explain a little more....

Many Thanks


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Its normally a band made up of ex members of the National Youth Band GB who have a week long drinking tour which is disturbed by some concert type things...there are a few tmp members of this great band :)


cost? rehearsal commitments? information on instruments provided for perc? preliminary programs?


jo said:
cost? rehearsal commitments? information on instruments provided for perc? preliminary programs?
Cost: minimal. Usually 30 quid or so for the Easter trip, and the cost of the flight for the US trip.

Rehearsal commitments: NONE - meet on the day of departure.

Percussion: Whatever you care to bring with you! I think larger items are provided by venues.

Programmes: Pick your pad on the bus/at the airport and take a look through it! Entertainment stuff though - no test pieces. Gaelforce probably the technical limit.

There are loads of YABB members on this forum and loads of YABB threads. Do a forum search and see what comes up. I've done the last 3 US and Canada tours but have called it a day, for a while at least, on this one.

It's a great laugh, but you are expected to do the business at concerts and so you do need to be pretty good! The last US trip featured players from Leyland, YBS, Faireys, Ransome, Redbridge, Alliance, Yorkshire Imps, Travelsphere, BT and more that I've forgotten.


I know about the basic premise of the trips, it is where my sister met her fiance after all! just thought others reading this thread might want some preliminary info before ringing the organisers. Cant go myself, far to many other commitments and not enough money!


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Yes, you do. Jo's sister is Judith Jones, soon to be the 'unfortunate' Mrs Batten.

YABB isn't all ex members of the NYBBGB. Some of us never went near a NYBBGB course. I can recommend the Easter trip as fun. I've done the last 3, and 'retired' after the last one (although like Lennox Lewis, rumours persist about me coming out of retirement).

The general form for the Easter trip is to meet Yates' in Oxford about 7pm on Good Friday and then in Kennington at about 2am on the Saturday morning. There's a bus ride to Belgium / Luxembourg / wherever which is broken up by bouts of drinking. The band then has a run through the programme at the first venue, plays a concert and drinks some more.

The weekend is then very much drinking and playing until the Monday lunchtime when the band plays in Echternach and then Monday evening when the band plays in Place D'Armee in Luxembourg before adjourning to a local restaurent for food and drink.

The band return to the UK on Tuesday.

It's good fun, if a little tiring.

There isn't a selection procedure, it's pretty much a case of first come first served although that isn't set in stone.



Youngish :-s lol. If anyone has any questions please dont hesitate contacting any of the numbers above or pm me as I have the details of each trip...

The Easter trip is £50 this time...


USA is £450.

Dam shame all you ex yabbers above arent coming (especially Mr Morgan! I mean who else will put up with me?!?!?!).

As well as phoning the above numbers you can get me on my email: (although i dont check this too regular, u are better calling).


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dont worry mr samuel, sharpen your nipple twisters, il be there :p
fifty squids?? thats abit steep innit... ;)


DannyCollin said:
could you give a run down of the itinerary for US trip please.

Assuming we are going to the same places as 2 years ago (the conductor sorts out venues)...


Lake George,NY
Lake Luzerne,NY

Then for Canada...



Craigsav83 said:
Where it says 'young' ambassadors, how old is young?
Well, the last one I did Steve Drury was still playing and he must have been in his fifties then ;-) perhaps he keeps going in the hope one day to get Post Horn Galop right............

Also, Mr Batten must be knocking on a bit by now.......

Seriously, they are fantastic trips and I would recommend then to anyone. I did 3 USA/Canada trips, 10 Easter trips in a row plus some other European trips, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. You also come away having gained lots more new friends from all over the country, its great for networking. And of course one of two now and again network in more intimate ways!!!

It does help if you can go without sleep for days on end, plus you can drink constantly and play whilst drunk!

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