Yorkshire Imps and Friends Vets Band


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Just to mention that any retired brass banders or shift workers who fancy a day time blow will always be welcome at Imps and Friends Vets band once a fortnight on Tuesday mornings at 11am (Next blow next Tues 27th Feb). There is no commitment, no gigs and no contests, just 1.1/2 hours playing decent brass band music. We don't rehearse it, we just play it and put it back in the cupboard, so no pressure. So if you're at a loose end occasionally, just roll up with your instrument to Imps band room behind the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Gawthorpe, Post Code for you Sat Nav guys is WF5 9RB

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Nice to see you posting Ian, please return soon.

The Vet’s Band idea sounds great, long may it thrive.