Yorkshire & Humberside Annual Contest 2004

Just a note to say that we are awaiting the usual rush of late entries to our contest.
This is to take place at the Minsthorpe Conferance & Training Centre in South Elmsall on Sun 15th Feb 2004


Entry forms and rules are available for download from our web site


We are still loking for a venue which is more acceptable to bands for future years.
whats the prize money? also how are the sections set out? is it like champ/1st/2nd together then 3rd 4th together or just single sections?
As a NON SPONSORED contest the prize money is dependant on the number of entries recieved, and the ammount of profit from the previous contest, and a proportion of the membership fee.
Hope that this will satisfy you.

It used to be that the contest was run in six seperate sections (not five), but to save time we now run it with two groups.

Group 1 Champ, 1st and 2nd section bands
Group 2 3rd, 4th and unregistered bands.

But prizes are awarded on a sectional basis. In other words bands are not competing against bands in higher sections.

The contest is only open to bands in membership of the Association.

For membership details contact Mr Dennis Hill on Tel: 01430 423451 or write to him at
33 Newport Road
North Cave
East Yorkshire

Hope that the info above will satisfy everyone.

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