York Uni Band first concert!

The York university brass band has its first concert,

March 2nd '04, 1:00pm in the Jack Lyons concert hall at the university.

it is a short concert (approx 50 mins) as part of the music society concert series.

if anyone can make it to the concert i could do with feedback, y'know, sound, programme etc etc. i'm quite new to this as a conductor...

thanks a lot. :lol:


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I have just given a former pupil some music for your brass band. Hope it all goes well. Good luck to you all.
Thanks a lot, it will be much appreciated.
It's so expensive trying to put a library together. how do most new bands manage?


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Told Adair when he comes back up to Scotland I will get him some more to take down. Handy being the band librarian :wink:


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If there's anything on the Dragon website that takes your fancy I'd be happy to donate a piece to the cause - as a York music graduate and founder member of the Concert (!) Band.

2nd March is in my diary!

I'm sorry for previously 'bumping' this topic, i'd like to expand a bit,

The concert is in the Jack Lyons Concert Hall, and the band will be playing a short programme without an interval:

Aces High
the Impressario
Erin Shore
Jurrassic Park
Crown Imperial

Thanks to all who have kindly donated music to us!

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