YORK RI Golden Rail to start a Beginners Band


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YORK RI Golden Rail Band is seizing the opportunity to start a new Beginners Group in the New Year, for anyone who wants to learn a brass instrument.

This group doesn't just aim at the youth either. Parents, Grandparents, students, people of all ages, talents and backgrounds are welcome to take part in the new phenomenon. Perhaps you have played before, and want to get back in to the swing of things - that's fine too. Come along and get going again.

There are no catches to this Beginners Group either. You don't even need your own instrument! All the tuition and rehearsal time is FREE and on top of that, the band will loan out an instrument to you as you learn. It's a no-brainer!

The lessons and rehearsals will be led by the band's current co-Musical Director, Nick Eastwood, who is taking the band through the busy Christmas period. Nick has also been working at a teaching post within the band for the last six months.

If you're interested in becoming part of the beginners group and would like to know more about it, please feel free to email Nick Eastwood (eastwood.nicholas@gmail.com) or alternatively contact us via the website at www.yorkrigoldenrailband.co.uk.

So with the New Year coming, why not make a new resolution to do something different this year. Why not take up a brass instrument and become part of the York RI Golden Rail Beginner's Group!