Yes I am a Sponsor, and I would like the board to know I am very ill


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I was in a nasty car accident several years ago. I was stopped in the bus lane behind the bus. A lady in a new BMW went through a red light accelerating and hit me at an estimated 50 mph (there was a red light camera). I was driving a pre-airbag car. I was crushed.

Since then, and since I am a psychologist, I have worked off and on until I one day passed out in my physician's office. Needless to say, I was rushed to the hospital. I was put in ICU. I was in a coma, but they told my wife I had less than a 5% chance of living that first night. Apparently, because (am I told) of some quick thinking of a specialist, I lived. I spent 11 days in the hospital.

Let me stop here and apologize for the American English.

No one spends that long in the hospital. If you have open heart surgery, people get out in 5 or 6 days. Since that episode, I have had many trips to the hospital. I filed for disability and passed out in the hallway before the hearing. My disability was approved.

My wife has worked for 35 years as a pastor. Without much forethought, she left her current church. That will matter in a minute.

We have lived just above the poverty level for years. I have not minded. Between my wife and myself, we have four college degrees. We just get along.

Now for the bad part. In the US, we have no National Health Insurance. Obamacare makes you buy your own healthcare insurance if you do not work for a company that provides it for you. That is one of the main reasons President Trump got elected IMO. The whole nation hated Obamacare and it may cost trillions to undo the mess.

You see, I have developed a very unstable case of Type II Diabetes and have twice this week, despite eating more than I should, had my blood sugar levels dropped to near coma levels. Last night I did not take my nightly insulin and my blood sugar was extremely low. I should go see my physician, but we do not have any money. And I know there is not much he can do but what I am doing now. Test my blood sugar often and be wise in my insulin use. It cost about $1 everytime I measure my blood sugar. Those test strips are expensive!

I have sold my bass trombone, a euphonium, and a baritone. Come April 1, we will be homeless. I cannot work full-time. The last time I tried, I passed out at work. My wife cannot find another pastor job by April 1 and does not seem too inclined to find other work. Without insurance, just the meds I need to live cost over $1000/month. I nearly slipped into a coma and everyone was out of the house. Twice this week I dove into high sugar content stuff to eat (like cookies) and it did not move my blood sugar much at all.

I may slip into a coma and die with medication. Millions do with diabetes every year. Insulin is not a cure, it is a crutch. I stayed up all last night, making peace with my maker. I may not make it to April 1, but after April 1 with no chance of paying for meds, I feel it might be only a matter of days.

Now many of you might be wondering how this can happen in the richest nation in the world? We feed, house, clothe, and educate an estimated millions of illegal Mexican immigrants with taxpayer dollars. The church kind of did us in. They said they would pay the self-employment tax for my wife. We thought this was being paid. Nope, it was not. We owe the IRS over $17,000 and are being sued by hospitals and surgeons for and additional $120,000. I make $1520/month and I have the only income. My 25-year-old has son dropped out from college (he wants to go back) but he lives here.

It is very difficult to get Federal Aid if you owe the IRS. It is sort of this kind of logic. You stole from the Government (not paying all your taxes) therefore you get no help. I have nearly died twice this week. Without any medication, I will be lucky to last a week. I have been making myself ready to meet my maker.

Oh for those who thought I should have got several thousand or millions of dollars for the car crash, I asked my high school friend to take the case. He was one of the best attorneys in the state. For my part, I got two of his kids off street drugs for no charge. He worked on it, and something bigger came along and he gave my case to a friend of his. I got screwed. That attorney wanted to settle as quickly as possible. I got $19,000.

So everyone knows. If things improve, I will let you know.


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I am getting a bit worse. Stress compounds diabetes problems. Nothing nice has been said about me or to me in quite some time. Of course, I need no help defending myself, but I do not need the aggravation. Therefore, for now, I am taking my leave.

Best Wishes,


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Dear Jim
Very sorry to read your story, so many of us have "hidden" stories which we do not share - it is a brave action to be so open.
My partner and I are also living through difficult times - I am never sure that when I return from work I will find her still alive. The stress that is literally killing her is also making me ill.
It is sad to see that the Church are responsible for a large part of your problems - most wold hope that they would be helping you in your time of need.
I hope that somehow you can find a pathway through all of this.


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Andy, I know you wrote that a while back, but thank you for your comments. I hope your life also finds a good path.

As for mine, I am a Christian (most people have that figured out by now) and I believe a miracle happened! My wife helped a young pastor through the Presbyterian ordination process and she is taking a church about 30 miles north of here. She is going to let us live in her basement of the house she owns in town rent free. With my disability pay and Medicare (complicated to explain) should live OK and I will have government insurance that will pay for my medications, including my insulin!

I have been working with my physician and we finally got my blood sugars to stabilize. Free rent until at least September 1 is quite a blessing. Hopefully, my wife will find a new church by then. I do hope and pray you and your partner find a way out of the stress that is so heavy.

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Andrew Norman

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Glad to hear that you have some good news.
Life is a little better for us at the moment - we can but hope that it continues.