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My 2000th post! :oops:
Most peeps probs think it's quite sad, but I think it shows my continued devotion to tMP! Lol! :D
Do I get an award? :p :oops: :roll:

Well Worth It

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If you were to stay on tMP for as long as it took to beat Mr Bale on the post count, you wouldn't want an award, you'd want committing!! :wink:


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drummergurl said:
comitting to wot?

some kind of institution??!!

well i dont think it would be that bad, think you would have to have an eye test tho, computer screens cant be that good for youe eyes :?

Liz Courts

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Hmmm...well I'm coming up to 200 posts now, so I'm not that far off 2000... :? !!! Will have caught up with Seedhouse in no time... :roll: !!

:p :D


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Believe the time will fly by and your posts will zip up without you even noticing! :shock:
:lol: Happened to me :roll:


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Since entering the BOC Bro house I have made over 100 posts and became a Master friend. Wow!

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