Sold/Expired Yamaha Maestro Euph for sale


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Yamaha YEP 642S Maestro 4 valve compensating Euphonium in Silver Plate
Original Yamaha case
Denis Wick SM4 Mouthpiece in silver plate
Serial 100971 anecdotally this places it as having a manufacturing date of 2004 but Yamaha are coy about numbering protocol. I bought it in 2009 for my daughter to double on with her Trom at RNCM Juniors
Little used since we’ve had it other than to keep it in playing condition
All valves operate quietly and quickly
All slides pull freely
All the silverplate is intact apart from one small oval patch 4mm x 6mm on the bottom of the 2nd valve slide
Bell is dent free
A couple of minor dings one at the base of the main tuning slide and the other on the bow (see photos)
Any trial welcome and I can deliver within reason or meet halfway
Based in Greater Manchester
£1650 but a discount may be available if you can play Hot Canary note perfect and make me believe you’re David Childs (unless you are David Childs)


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