Xmas Concerts - How did they go!

dave jake

Last weeks concerts went well only six more to go this week, roll on new year with the league and areas coming up :cry:


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Well.... tonight should be interesting...

As you know, I play Euph... but tonight I'm helping out a band at one of their Christmas concerts... on Trombone.

My sister's very kindly lent me her Trombone again (It's the best Trombone I've ever played on, a Besson Sovereign!) So I've spent this morning reminding myself of the positions.

Quite bizarrely, I STILL don't know the positions. I mean, if you asked me to play a note in 5th position, I'd have to count it down to find it. Now if you asked me to play a note in 1st and 3rd position, I'd know straight away! Any other Trombone players use this "valved" way to think of the positions?

Roger Thorne

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Wem Jubilee Bands Christmas Concert - A Success! :D

The Band played well.
Audience really enjoyed it.
Sold loads of Christmas CD's.
Band party went on till 5 in the mornin'.

The only thing that went wrong was a magic trick in an Eb Bass Duet! :?


An enjoyable Xmas brass bash at St. Mary's in Slough, Berkshire with a 6 piece brass & organ finale, preceeded by a Xmas solo with euphonium & organ, Xmas duets on 2 euphoniums & piano, Xmas trio with baritone, euphonium & E flat bass as well as singers.

Then a brass quartet of flugel, baritone, euphonium & tuba with organ for Midnight Mass.

Happy New Year everyone.


Xmas Concerts - How did they go.

The group I play for is a quintet... based in the Chonburi area of Thailand. We are all Music teachers, and apart from one all ex Brass Band...We did 15 gigs over the Christmas period. which in a country 90% Buddist, is good going...Most of them were in Embassies or the larger hotels in Bangkok. They were all very well received, from foreign diplomats to Thai citizens. The best one was in the British Embassy, what a night....we played our last piece at breakfast.."Christians awake" well it was Christmas Day.All the arrangements were done especially for the quintet, as there is little arranged for our instrumentation..2 trumpets,2 Trombones, and 1 Euphonium (who has a tremendous range, so can play at Tuba pitch).and New Years Eve was the same, complete with fireworks, and Handels Royal Fireworks Music..And the Canadian Brass arrangement of Poet and Peasant Overture, and its great..Brian


Roger Thorne said:
The only thing that went wrong was a magic trick in an Eb Bass Duet! :?

it did didn't it! What Roger failed to mention was that it was him doing the magic trick and playing the Eb bass. However I think that it was a great success as the band found it highly amusing :D

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