Wychavon Festival of Brass

Going to Wychavon??

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WOW! that looks like a great weekend! All the best to everyband taking place, Especially Amington in the 4th with there first contest under Wes Kendrick. The Phoenix will rise again hopefully in time for Sunday!!! Peace out


But the important questions is, "what is the weather doing tomorrow"? Is it a car day or a bike day?
Decisions, decisions, decisions.....


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Good luck to everyone taking part tomorow, hope to see loads of tmp people (dont forget your Tshirts and polo shirts!)

see ya soon



jimothy said:
But the important questions is, "what is the weather doing tomorrow"? Is it a car day or a bike day?
Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

It's definitely a car day :( . Personally, I'd love to go on my bike, but my wife plays trombone (although I've taken her on the back before with her trombone) and I've got my briefcase with scores in, plus my wifes's band jacket etc...


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super_sop said:
hope to see loads of tmp people (dont forget your Tshirts and polo shirts!)

Looking forward to my first outing as a tMPer :) Although havent got the obligatory tmper brandwear so you'll just have to spot me at the bar where I'll be most of the afternoon! Although found out that we've got to practice 3 Eric Ball testpieces tomorrow night, eek!! :shock:


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Hmm, well what an afternoon.

As I wasnt playing at Wychavon I planned to go along this afternoon and catch a few bands and pints before heading off to my band practice tonight.

Arrived just after 2pm to find out that the the last bands were currently playing and the 2nd/Champ sections werent starting till 4/4.30.
So I had 2 hours to wait to hear a couple of bands (bearing in mind I wanted to be going at 5 to get back for practice!), 2 hours later after hanging round the bar, where they served no cider :cry:
and trade stands (wow, I've never seen such a high concentration of trade stands in such a small area, it was great!) :p
4pm came quite quickly (damn the time warping effect of alcohol!) and sat down in the main hall for the start of the Champ section and assumed that any withdrawals wouldnt affect the start time, but I was wrong just as we were expecting the first band to play the announcer instead said that they were going to start half an hour later instead (doh!), so I'd been there 2 and a half hours, paid 6 quid and still heard no bands! :evil: :evil:

Heard that the Second section were still starting as planned at 4.30 in another hall so went there via the bar and hurrah finally got to listen to some bands. :)

Got to cheer on Stourport who our bass player plays with, and they sounded v good especially Mr Meldrew playing One Foot in the Grave! :)

Then Desford Colliery who's got Animal from the muppets on drums, that kid was amazing! And their performance of Peter Grahams Lament was really tearjerking, although that might be the lager taking effect. :?

Condolences to the principal cornet doing the solo who just managed to squeeze out the high notes (can't remember the piece now!) and browie points for memorising it.. :oops:

Unfortunately then I had to go, didnt get to hear any results or spot any tmp-ers, spotted some Wem guys in their purple polos running about but thats about it. :?

Mental note for next year, spend all day and bring own supply of cider. And lots of money to spend on music, CDs, flourescant mouthpieces and glow-in-the-dark batons!! :p

Anyone got the results, if so could they post them please?

Now whens the next contest....hmm not going to Pontins, whos going to GBBA Annual Contest in 6 weeks? :lol:


Championship Section results (only top three because we were in the bar and didn't get the rest!)

1: Wingates
2: Flowers
3: BTM

Best Soloist: Wingates
Best Percussion: Flowers

For info: Results from Porthcawl Miners Eisteddfod (Saturday 27th), only top 4 as BTM were not in results due to concert in Morriston, Swansea (excuses, excuses!!)

1: BTM :lol: :lol: :lol:
2: Flowers
3: Mid Rhondda
4: Tredegar


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