Wychavon 2004


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Following on from my previous thread of tMPers and events, its not always easy to recognise a fellow tMPer in a large crowded area, especially if said tMPers have never shown a photo of themselves.

How about tMPers print themselves a tMP logo with their user name underneath and slip it into their pocket, if wearing a jacket or shirt with pocket, if not maybe a small stickly label? This would save a lot of searching for faceless people and a little embarrassment on approaching someone and saying "excuse me, but are you so and so"!

This of course, only a temporary measure for events until enough people have ordered their badges! So come on people, get ordering! :p

I have checked with "de management" with this who have have given their backing and assured me there will be no copyright problems. ;)


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1 Wingates 193
2 BTM 191
3 Beaumaris 190
6 Kidlington 183

Only heard Beaumaris (through the door), but they sounded great. We knew it wasn't going to be our day when they were announced 3rd!

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