Would you be more likely to buy Gas from BOC, because they are called BOC?

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Ladies and Gentleman, I refer you to www.BOC.com....
It's BOC, but not as we know it....
Also of particular interest, which I found within the site, is www.BOCworld.com

Naomi McFadyen

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I remember overtaking a lorry that on the back said
"this is a BOC company"...

just to share that.... I'll vote on the poll now...


I just went to the BOC plant on Teesside to photograph some funky experiments that they were doing with liquid nitrogen. They should have been freezing brass rods to shrink them but got bored so started freezing bananas and baloons and stuff. :?

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
I had left my house in Tavistock this morning, got to the end of the road, ready to turn left into the main road to make my way to a friends house... and I had to wait for a lorry to pass....

BOC Gas!! :D thought of this topic right away... and yes... I managed to take a picture 8) and will post it up later ;-)


Naomi McFadyen

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