Wow, what a finish!

2nd man down

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Anyone see the Middlesborough game against Bucharest last night?

Ok, maybe it wasn't "great" football for the football purist, but for a the neutral spectator it was absolutely fantastic to watch, and went right down to the wire like all football games should. Who'd have thought they could pull off the same "need 4 goals to win it" feat in two consecutive European rounds?!?!? :clap:

Nuff respect to Boro for pulling their socks up and going for it even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. 3-0 down, having conceded two away goals they should have been dead and buried, but by god they did it.

I wonder if Macaroni says "cheese" when they take his photo?

six pints

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one of my friends came up to me last night (a lad) and said that middlesborough were 3-0 down on aggregate, but then won 4-1 on aggregate. boys are stupid...