Woss 'appenin' at Fodens?

The Cornet King

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Seems to be a fair amount of unrest at Fodens at the moment.
From the reports it sounds like its the players that are deciding they want rid of the conductors. Needs sorting out if they are gonna mount a challenge in the forthcoming masters.

What's happened to Bramwell Tovey???


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With his conducting commitments world-wide, presumably these have to take priority, although it has to be said that the interpretations he has given in contests over here, whilst often being described as the most musical readings on the day, have not always found favour with the men in the box.

Dave Euph

It seems a shame that Fodens can't seem to settle on a conductor, because they're a really good band and it can't be healthy for them.

Although I know absolutely nothing about the situation, I can only agree with Dave Payn though in saying that either the players are being too demanding of their conductors and not making enough of an effort to support him, or the process of selection for a conductor within the ranks is flawed. I can see no lack of experienced, talented conductors who would be willing to give conducting Fodens a chance ...
Well I guess Fodens situation is a bit like Frickley's, the same big problems seem to occur quite often. Even people involved in the band who are supposed to have a clue about what is going on are often left in the dark! Think this is just an occurance that you have to expect as it happened before. In my view no one seems totally surprised by the news!!
I'm sure Fodens will settle on a conductor in the end, but it does take time to find the right person for the job!


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A good conductor is not just their technical ability, it is also very much dependant on their personality matching the 'personality' of the band, orchestra, or whatever ensemble it is which they are directing. Many times, one will find that a conductor will have success with one group, move on to another, and they are not happy with him/her. This is nothing to do with technical innabilty or personality problems!! It is purely to do with mismatch. A well known composer, (mainly orchestral), -(whos name I will not mention)- did not get the best performances of his OWN music unless someone else directed them, because the musicians couldn't stand him. This was not HIS problem or THEIR problem - just a mismatch.

Naomi McFadyen

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Brassbandworld have quoted Fodens as saying that Stuart Bell IS to take the band to Cambridge this weekend... "That is how it stands"


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