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Just posting a note about an old Grimey LP made me think of some really non-flattering LP titles, like

The World Champions Play Marches & Waltzes (GUS)
Mr. Smith's Perenial Favourites Imps)
The Brass Band Plays Pop (Mellingriffith)
What We Want Is Watneys Silver Band
or the Grimethorpe 'Brass versus the Classics' a threatning one if ever there was !



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Hows about my previous bands recording, the first we'd ever done so it got called Album One....... :oops: don't think they've sold them all yet....(it's that dodgey sop player I reckon!).


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A couple of rather obscure titles from the London Wind Orchestra:

By tram from Hammersmith and By plane from Paris

One from the Salvation Army archives:

Music you can't buy with the War Cry (Cambridge Heath)

...and two named after works on the recording, that may have caused some raised eyebrows from the casual browser:

The colour-gobbler (Stavanger)

Binding of the Wolf (Manger Musikklag)

All of these contain some good stuff, but you wouldn't necessarily think so from the titles.


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You wanna blow my what? said:
I like "Essential Dyke" hehe, sounds like a porn film :D
What about Essential Dyke III, the President's Choice, then :?:

Certainly sounds dodgy to me :!:


Not a CD title but a piece of music an old band of mine play.

Cock Up Yer Beever.

A Little off topic but thought you would appreciate it.

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