World Famous Quintet Regroup for Recording!!!


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I am proud to annouce that the world-infamous BrassNeck Quintet have reformed after 8 months (ok ok... we just havnt had a rehearsal in 8 months!) to do a special cd recording for the BBC, after they especially requested our immense talent to be showcased publically.. [/utter_drivel]

This is a reminder to Ben mainly.. ;)
27th aug - all day rehearsal at mine
28th and 29th evening recording sessions

Quintet consists of:
(as long as they all turn up)

1st Trumpet: Matt Palmer (Principal cornet Freckleton Band, NYO, Junior RNCM, appeared on some young prodigy telly program << big head)

2nd Trumpet: Chris Seddon (Sop Hoover (Bolton) Band, ex-smithills school, sop NYBB, ex-Junior RNCM, at Brimingham Conservatoire in Sept)

Horn: ME :D (Besses, ex-NYBB, ex-smithills school, RNCM)

Trombone: Phil Dias (ex-Chets now RNCM, chief 2nd trom dep for top bands ;), City Fan :eek:, general grumpy git but top guy)

Tuba: Ben Thomson (Leyland, junior RNCM, ex-Halle Youth, Principal tuba NYO, Lancashire Youth orchestra thingy)

Previous engagements include:
Not much ;)
Couple of garden parties, playing on a dodgy float in some carnival in the middle of nowhere drinking bottles of dodgy stella, Openening the refurbished Manchester Picadilly Train Station.

More news when we can afford to copy cd's :)


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But you didn't do anything for the Commonwealth Games?? Surprising as it was in you r neck of the woods. A group of mates are in a jazz quintet called "Nice" and were invited to play Manchester airport when all the atheletes etc were arriving. They managed to get Rachel from S Club 7 to dance and generally shake her bootie to Canteloupe Island!!

In their words.... "Nice!"

God knows how they got the gig, hardly being known outside the North East


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haha :) "nice" as in fast-show jazz-club sketch nice? :D
we got offered to do a week's worth in a manchester park, forgot which one (the track and field events one) But 2 of us were away on holiday, and the woman who was organising the entertainment was being a right biyatch so we didnt bother getting deps. Did get a nice phone-call off her boss a couple of days later apologising though.. "...which was nice"


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when are the salvation army going to be consistent with there policy of players playing with outside bands. the order from headquarters isthat it can happen but some corp bandmasters will not allow this to happen. what about the bandsman playing in small brass groups around the country with non SA players playing is this any different. bandmasters are also playing in these groups but wont allow there players to play in outside bands.


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