World Championships 2005

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World Championships 2005

Details have been released about next years World Cup of brass banding in Kerkrade

A schedule of events for next years World Brass Band Championships to be held at the Roda Hall in Kerkrade has been issued by the event organisers.

The near complete list of competing bands has been announced, plus details of the programming for the two day event.

The bands who have accepted invitations so far are as follows:

Yorkshire Building Scoiety (England)
Buy As You View Band (Wales)
Scottish Co-op (Scotland)
National Band of Australia
National Band of New Zealand
Chicago Brass (USA)
Stavanger Brass (Norway)
Provinciale Brass Band Groningen (Netherlands)
Brass Band Willebroek (Belgium)
Brass Band 13 Etoiles (Switzerland)

In additon the organisers hope to invite two further "wild card" bands to the event.

In addition it has been anounced that Philip Wilby will write a specially commissioned test pice for the contest, whilst the bands in the top event will also perform an own choice programme of music. The adjudicators for the event will be selected later this year by the EBBA.

Bands who wish to compete in the lower sections of the contest have until the 1st November to apply, whilst the contest itself will feature the top section set work on the 9th July with Sections 1 and 2, with the own choice programme being performed the next day. Further events and celbrations will also take place up to the 12th of July and include a "Kerkrade by Night" outdoor show at the local Roda JC Football stadium.

How will be going to this contest in Holland??

Looks like a very good line up indeed??

Lee Downie
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We already have a thread on the 2005 World Champs here. I'll lock this one to save on duplication.

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