World championships 2005

Mrs choirmaster, myself and some friends are considering going to Kerkrade for the world championships next year. I've been on some website to do with the town, however, there isn't a lot there. Does anyone know of any good hotels, the nearest airport ( ferry is a non starter) etc etc? I don't suppose there are any bands that would be chartering their own 'plane we could hitch a lift with?

Jan H

Staff member
I think the closest regional airport near Kerkrade is Maastricht (also kown as "Maastricht-Aachen Airport"), but I don't know how well connected this airport is. Other possible airports could be Eindhoven (regional airport) or Brussels (international airport). I think Ryanair flies between London and Eindhoven.
You could also take the train of course: The Eurostar from London to Brussels and them from Brussels over Liège to the Maastricht / Kerkrade Area (but I think you will need to make a lot of chang overs)

Mybe this is an interesting site: I heard from other people that allways stay there during the WMC. It's a renovated abbey or something like that. They even have their own abbey beer :)

In general, I wouldn't wait to long to make your reservations, because Kerkrade will be very crowded during the four-week World Music Contest!

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