Workers Music Association Summer School 2004

Dave Payn

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Fancy a week of 'musical holiday'? The Workers Music Association are holding their annual Summer Music School at Wortley Hall in Wortley, near Sheffield from the 7th to 15th of August.

There's lots to do musically. Aside from the course work, musicians are encouraged to set up their own little groups (a particular favourite with the brass players!) and join in the musical and social side in the evenings.

There's a course for brass band (amongst many others) and there are some spaces for a few cornets and lower brass. Bear in mind that this ISN'T a typical concentrated brass band summer school, it's a summer music holiday with a brass band course and a number of brass players often find themselves doubling up in the symphony orchestra, wind band and even the big band so it's an ideal opportunity to embrace a number of musical styles.

With the brass band, because applications can be accepted right up until the last minute, a defined repertoire is not usually decided until the course starts. However, each musical group gets a chance to perform in the end of week concert, and the brass band usually play a major work of about 2nd/3rd section standard. Major works performed over the last few years include Moorside Suite (Holst) Henry V (Vaughan Williams) Suite Gothique (Boellman/Ball) and Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals (Ball) as well as playing through other shorter concert pieces. We usually reserve one brass band rehearsal in the week for playing through works of a higher standard.

Players are encouraged to bring their own pieces if possible for inclusion in a rehearsal or concert. Nevertheless, I would like to work on Peter Graham's Dimensions and Vaughan Williams Variations for Brass Band during the week. It might all sound very laid back, and indeed we do want everyone to have a 'musical holiday' but we tutors are dedicated to bringing the best out of the students and make them feel it's worthwhile. To that end, students are encouraged to submit detailed feedback about their week at Wortley.

If you're interested that you can contact me for a brochure and application form or get one online from the WMA website:

I really enjoyed this course last year, and I wanted to come this year too, but it clashes with the Brass Band Summer School in Bromsgrove. :evil:

Very bad planning on someones part :(

Anyway I would thoroughly recommend it to you all :D
and I hope to be able to go next year

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