Work Experience----- Can anyone help?

In the last 3 weeks of this years term (July time) y12s are given time to go off and do what they want, be it getting a job, sunbathing all day or whatever. I have however decided that i would like to make use of this time by doing some sort of music-related work experience. I asked my brass teacher but she has already taken someone on :x .

And so i turn to you lot!!

Anyone in the Derbyshire/Sheffield region that would be willing to take me on? :lol: It doesn't have to be three weeks- one would be fine! I would just rather do something useful and that will help me. Anything from a peripetetic (sp??) teacher to a music shop!!!

Any ideas about this? Does anyone think they could offer me something like this or know where i should look?

Anything at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!



Not from the area but I work at the University of Manchester and we sometimes take on work experience placements here. Never had enquiries specific to music but it may be worth contacting universites and colleges local to you to see if they could offer anything. You may be able to get some advice from the local education authority (a lot of our placements are through them).

Hope this helps you a bit?

i've got more or less the same problem although in the north east. i wanted to got to our local music service but apparently, health and safety or sumat says that teachers cannot have a pupil in the car with them meaning i would have to spend the day in the office/library. is there any1 near durham that could help. :? :?

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