Words you can't say?

Dave Euph

A bloody pain when I want to order some food ...

"Sausage Sandwich"

I have a minor lisp you see, so my Ss are a pain in the backside! :(

... it was worse back in year 10 when we were all handed our ICT textbooks. We had to call out the number on each of ours, I got 66 ...


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nickjbeaumarisband said:
glad u dont have to say........

Chris Kendrick at Hudds uni can say that one... thought he was taking the michael when he said he could say it...proved me wrong


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nickjbeaumarisband said:
it's and I need dyl to back me up here " the church of st. Mary in the hollow of the white hazel tree , near the rapid whirlpool , by st.tysilio's of the red cave"...phew
As far as I'm aware that sounds correct Nick! I've always said you lot on the 'island' are a funny bunch! ;)

Some more info on the name here: http://members.aol.com/gulfhigh2/words12.html


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Can't say "statistically"
I'm not much of a speaker anyway, I'm always stumbling over words, I think my toungue's just lazy :?


I'm not so bad until I have had a few pints and even then it's not particular words - it's getting them in the right order in a sentence!! :shock:

My friend at work, Liz, however.............. on her way home after a night out she may stop off at the chippy for a meat and topato pie before going to bed and curling up in her tonkipental quilt. A favourite though, which I have to admit has rubbed off on me, is "oh, look - a police heccilopter"



I had a great one at the weekend. We were doing a 10 piece job on Wetherby bandstand, but when I announced that we were playing 'Prelude from 49th Parallel', the 'Prelude' bit kept coming out as 'pree-lude', not the normal way - I think its the American way. Needless to say I got laughed at by everyone sat down behind me.



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Naruco said:
Oooh I stumble on many many words!

i can confirm that one :D
so far in the past 3weeks in my lessons weve had, slams, sags, and NEW FOR TODAY:EXERSNISES :D

(i may not be around for much longer after this, but anywayz...)


i never used to be able to say grandma and for lots of years i used to call my grandma mahmah

Jo Elson

There aren't any words i can't say all the time, but there are some that i occassionally can't but now i am actually thinking what they are i can not remember them, if that makes any sense!?!
fizzyduck said:
Organism- can be very embarrassing during those biology lessons! :oops:

How about those things that octopi have instead of legs :shock:

Have been known to have a drunken conversation about Rogster Webber in the past....not to the man himself, I hasten to add :oops:

I currently have to say 'Countryside Stewardship Scheme' when I answer the phone at work.....not easy even after years of practice. Makes me sound drunk as it's difficult not to slurr the words into each other!

six pints

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i have a list

pifitoroles (i cant spell it either). i always say plifiteroles





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