Word Association Football

The Trumpets of the angels watching over me.

Harbour light walk in the light.

Army of the brave new world in motion.

Toccata oh the blessed lord of the dance the night away.

Aces high on a hill of calvary track.


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I'm bound for the promised land of song of the high hills of the north rejoice the lord is king of glory be my love is like a red, red rose of Tralee :oops: :wink: :lol:
Hark the herald angels sing sing a song of courage.

Music for a festival music for a festival music for a festival music for a festival music for a festival etc etc etc.

Ritual fire dance of the comedians galop.

Deep harmony music of thanksgiving.

Joyous song of the eternal quest.


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Singing in the Rain drops keep falling on my head
Pennine Moor of Venice
Disney Fantasy on British sea songs

Do those work??
Shall we gather at the river city suite gothique?

An Alpine Symphony of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Wayfarer.

The Devil and the deep blue sea pictures at an exhibition.

Fairest Isle of Beauty and the Beast of Bodmin Moor of Venice.


Indian Summer Time

Light walk on by

"Contest" "Music"

Fly me to the Moon Dance

The Wizard of Oz


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Ere the sun goes down the street corner overture on hebrew themes from the new world dances and arias

For the love of a princess ida and dot
When the saints of god is keeping his soldiers fighting on the quarter deck.

Happy people need the lord of the dance fever.

bird-land of song of courage brother.

Paul Drury

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