Worcester Concert Brass - Player Vacancies

New Year 2019 Update for WCB ! We already have a busy summer season lined up and always welcome new players ! We particularly need Bb bass, percussion and front row cornets due to players leaving for university. We can fit in other instruments too. Pleas come along and give us a try!
Update for March - we are looking for more front row cornets, percussion and basses currently, though all instruments are more than welcome to try us out ! We rehearse at Nunnery Wood High School in Worcester on Tuesday evenings. Please see our website for contact details. Thanks for reading and Happy Banding!
May Update. We are in need of front row cornets, back row cornets, bb bass and percussion specifically but we generally can squeeze most people in ! We are a non-contesting band and rehearse in Worcester. Please do contact us and come along for an evening and try us out. See our website for events list for this year and contact details.
July 2019 Update ! We are still in need of particularly front row cornets, plus back row cornets, euphonium, Bb bass and percussion. We also welcome other players. Please do contact us - we welcome young or improving players or experienced players looking for a non-contesting environment alike. Please see our website for contact details (details from the first post in this thread are no longer current, it's been going a LONG time!)
September 2019 Update. We are still looking for Percussion and Bb bass in particular though we welcome all new players ! Please see our website for current contact details.

We practice at Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester on a Tuesday night 7:30-9:30 and we are a non-contesting band.

We have a full line up of interesting gigs both through the autumn to Christmas and for next summer also. Please do come along and try us out !
November Update ! Looking forward to starting Christmas gigs and plenty of carolling in just a few weeks ! We are a friendly band who always have room for new players - please see our website and come along and give us a try. Next Vacancy update early 2020 !!
Merry Christmas to all brass banders - how about trying us out in the New Year ? We already have some lovely gigs lined up for the summer. We welcome all new players. See our Website! :)
New Year 2020 ! Worcester Concert Brass has a full line up of gigs and events already booked for the summer, come along and join us. We are specifically in need of Bb basses and percussion, though we welcome all new players. Please do come and try us out ! We practise 7:30 in the Drama Theatre, Nunnery Wood High School. For contact details see our website.
May 2020 - we are still here and very much committed to banding once everything has finaly gone back to normal ! Our committee and MD are still available to contact via the website if you have any enquiries or wish to join the band. We are currently meeting online once a week to play mini concerts and socialise. Many of our many regular summer commitments have already been rebooked for 2021 and we are all looking forward to getting back together and making music. Stay safe everyone and keep the faith ! WCB x
July Update - Together with other local bands we have been enjoying online meetups, quizzes and have completed two virtual pieces together with two more in the pipeline. We are also making plans for a special piece to be composed to mark this difficult time. We have also has several online concerts with people contributing performances for us all to watch.

More importantly we are now looking to the future and planning how we may be able to rehearse and also how raise our profile in the community via concerts and performances once we are able to do so.

Looking forward to seeing members of the brass band community old and new enjoying brass band music again one day.

September update - we are still meeting online regularly and holding virtual concerts to keep us playing and also holding online social events to keep us connected.

The summer season is now over (though we have events booked in for next year, fingers crossed) and we are looking to carolling at Xmas hopefully to get back to playing together and perhaps even cheer up the local community a little!.

When we return to full banding we are still looking for kit percussion, bflat bass and a front row cornet (due to university).

We welcome all players however and now is the ideal time to think about returning to banding if you have been out of it a while. We are all getting rusty and will need plenty of gentle practise before performing again ...so we will all be in the same boat! Stay safe everyone and keep the faith!