Sold/Expired Wood mouthpiece 11C for Tenor trombone / Euphonium


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Jeunaturel wooden Tenor Trombone / Euphonium mouthpiece 11C small shank

Tenor Trombone mouthpiece 11 C beech wood Jeunaturel

This model provides a great flexibility from low to high pitch register with an easy response due to the medium cup volume and the well supporting rim ,perfect for a soloist who needs agility and endurance.

Cup width 24,60mm / 0,968inches (bach 11 Schilke 46 comparison)

C cup depth (medium) 21mm / 0,827inches

Throat size 6,5 mm / 0,256inches ( medium )

small shank

if the specifications of this model does not suit you ,you can ask for your own custom model to be made .The price will be the very same and every sizes and specifications are possible .

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