Wisdom Teeth


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Kari's salt water rinse tip is spot on. Had all 4 of mine extracted under general anaesthetic about 3 years ago and it was a godsend - that and the powerful painkillers ;)


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Helen V said:
Lauradoll said:
The worst bit was the anti biotics I had for an infection- couldny drink for 2 weeks or they made me violently sick. Yuk.

Believe it or not Pete said on thursday that because of the risk of infection he's not allowed to smoke, so he's actually given up! He also can't drink because of the anti-biotics, and so he's gone on a mega-health drive and stopped eating junk food and started going to the gym!!

So there you go, having your wisdom teeth out can actually be a good thing!

How long it lasts is another matter....

Pete not smoking or drinking? This is scary news!!!!


Thanks for all the replies everyone!

Hopefully won't need to be out of action for long!

I will just need to fit the dentist in sometime after Yeovil, Porthcawl, the areas and before Blackpool, French Open etc etc

I could always try and put up with it until the summer, what a great excuse to get out of the dodgy park jobs!!! :lol: :lol:


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Have mine causing a few uncomfortable moments recently. Haven't (luckily) had to have any dental work as yet, so I'm obviousy hoping I don't have to start now! Perhaps if I concentrate on something else it'll take my mind off of it! They are starting to cause a bit of discomfort while playing too! With all the years of evolution we've had, why hasn't somebody upstairs (don't mind who!) revised the whole situation?

Naomi McFadyen

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hehe, Iain (bassinthebathroom) was talking to me about this last night... saying how he was close to going to a dentist to enquire about pains he had in his mouth; until I said to him it's probably his wisdom teeth coming through :p

And sorry mate, they still won't make you any wiser


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