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Microsoft's slogan for its upcoming Windows XP operating system is "it just works".

So what were the slogans for the previous versions?

Here are some possiiblities:

Windows 1.0: Good joke, eh?

Windows 2.0: Still funny, isn't it?

Windows 286: Yeah, we're still kidding.

Windows 386: Going boldly where Desqview has been for years.

Windows 3.0: It's finally worth buying!

Windows 3.1: It's finally worth using!

Windows 95: Going boldly where the Mac has been for years.

Windows 98: More usable! Less stable!

Windows 98SE: More stable! Less usable!

Windows ME: Less usable AND less stable!

NT 1.0: Give me more hardware! NOW!!!

NT 2.0: Dammit, I said MORE HARDWARE!!! NOW!!!!

NT 3.0: Which part of "more hardware" do you not understand?

NT 3.5: With enough hardware, I'd work. Honest.

NT 4.0: Does less than Win98 with twice the hardware at one-half the speed.

Windows 2K: Works almost as well as Windows 98! Honest!

Windows XP: It just works.

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