William Overton (Deceased) - BBC Symphony Orchestra & S.


William Overton was principal trumpet in the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and also Bandmaster of Lewisham Salvation Army Band during the 1940/1950's. This was a very successful S.A. Band and Geoffrey Brand was his Deputy Bandmaster, as well as being principal cornet.

William died in 1976 after a long and successful music career. Ashley Overton, his Granddaughter, has asked me to help her trace anything relative to his life. Recordings of his trumpet playing, photographs, letters, Salvation Army band and orchestral programmes - either originals or copies. Ashley has offered to pay any reasonable costs involved, although I have decided to do this without any charge for her.

To the best of my knowledge, the only Salvation Army recordings that were made, were the two trumpet solo 78rpm records, with piano accompaniment by Eric Ball, on Regal Zonophone MF304 and MF305. I had these in my collection and have now been able to supply these to Ashley.

Are there any Salvation Army or orchestral fans on TMP who can help me in this search? Salvation Army bandsmen/women in the Lewisham (South London) area could perhaps make enquiries in their corps?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.




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