will you be going to see the new HP film?

will you be going to see the new Harry Potter film?

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Not going this week, too many damn children in the way screaming and whooping.
Going to go next week at a late showing!
Been to see it, and i havent read through all of the opinions on here, but i get the feelibng everyone loved it, so i'm going to be different!
I'm not saying it's a bad film, in fact i thought it was better than the other two, but my favourite book being Prisoner of Azkaban i was a little dissapointed, but only because it didnt stick to the book, which is what the director wanted to do apparently!
But i do recommend people to go and see it, but dont go in with expectations that it will be on the same lines as the other 2, i think it is less of a kids film, so no more escaping to childhood for the adults!


I went to see the film on the opening day (31st May), but must admit I was disappointed that some things had been changed. The dementors weren't as I had imagined them, for example. The special effects were excellent though and I did enjoy it (but why does it make you need the loo?!!)
I suppose I just love the books so much that I don't see the need to change them. Can't wait for Book 6. By the way, I read somewhere that the 'Goblet of Fire' film is due for release in November 2005.
I've seen it and I don't think it was bador anything, butnothing beats the first one! it's the same as Lord of the Rings, the first one's where best!

Liz Courts

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We were lucky enough to play through "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" at practise on Wednesday night...

The first book is definitely my favourite of all the Harry Potter books so far!! :mrgreen:

six pints

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i went to see it today but it was fully booked- ruddy kiddiwinkles and their half terms!! so my friend lent me the book instead, which i just read while at work in my slippers who are called jill and jen.


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Much the best of the films so far. I don't think the changes from the book were too bad and the child actors had improved a lot. How are they ever going to make a film of the fifth book in less than 4 hours?