will you be going to see the new HP film?

will you be going to see the new Harry Potter film?

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Okiedokie of Oz

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In preparation for the movie, I've re-re-re-re-read all the books over the last 5 days. As soon as I finish here, I am going to finish off the last book........


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Well, to be honest, I could go and see Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle in the flesh if I really wanted to without much hassle... I doubt I'll go and see it.

Have read all the books and enjoyed them moderately. Not much substance, a bit predictable but not the travesty Fishta claims they are.... At the end of the day, if they get kids reading I couldn't care less if they were ripped off Enid Blyton......


2nd man down said:
Absolutely!!! I've read all the books so far, can't wait for the next book...I'm hooked.

Roll on the next film, it looks good.

Defo!! I'll be there as soon as the doors open :!:
Just seen the film.

Awesome! Special effects were terrific and the plot was true to the book. Hagrid looks a least four feet taller than on the other two films, Ron doesn't pull 'those' faces every three seconds, Hogwarts looks more spectacular and shows it has more than one corridor. Emma Thompson was just brilliant and Gary Oldman was fantastic. Superb! My two kids aged 5 and 2 were mesmerised. The dementors were very scary though.

Big Twigge

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Kerwintootle said:
Ok, you've found me out. I'm sad and I have no life. :wink:
Thats not true in the slightest...in fact, I'd say you have a very exciting life!I'm exceedingly jealous of you that you've seen it already :(


I went today to see it... yay. apart from needing the loo for most of it i really enjoyed it, as i have the others. although this one had a much darker feel to it. you'll understand what i mean when you see it.


I understand that it has been recommended that parents should think twice before taking their children to see the new HP film because it is more scary.

Apparently if this came out 30 years ago - it would had been X rated!

I like HP - have seen the first two films and have them on DVD. great fun to watch.


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Saw it today! Was really good, and much better than the other two films. I also needed the toilet for most of it, but was determined to stay in the cinema and watch it!
I really enjoyed it, and in my opinion it's nice to see that they're finally getting things right with making the HP books come to life- hard to explain this, but the film was certainly better than my expectations!
Highly recommended to go and see it, and agreed it certainly is much darker! :twisted: