Will the real 'kitten' please stand up?

Housemates, BB can now reveal that you got all 9 questions right in your little task to reveal the true identity of kitten.

As a result, BB will post, at 5 minute intervals, a portion of a doctored version of kitten's real tMP avatar.

After each image is posted, you are allowed 1 guess between you as to who you think kitten really is - in the event of two or more guesses appearing between posts, BB will take the first guess.

Should you guess correctly within the first 3 images to be posted all housemates will be allowed to change their avatar and signature ONCE.

Should you guess after the 4th or 5th image, then you are allowed to change your avatar ONCE (no signature change will be allowed).

No reward will be given for a correct guess after the 5th image is posted, but you will however get the reward of knowing who kitten really is! ;)
Here is the 1st image:


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