Will the Arsenal bottle it?

Arsenal or Chelsea for the title this year

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[quote="2nd man down
Me too, Liverpool are this countries greatest ever club (Manc fans, don't bother chipping in, your bunch of thugs don't even come close!!) Ferguson isn't fit to have been Shankley or Paisleys tea boy!! :twisted:

WERE this country's club....that the problem with Liverpool fans...living in the past.

Houllier has spent about £100 million on a number of players including the likes of Cheryoz (wrong spelling I know), Smicer, Heskey...yet their most important players (Owen & Gerrard) did not cost a penny.

Time for the Frenchman to walk and Pool' fans to lower their expectations. They can no longer go into every season thinking they are a contendor for the title - until they go through a major change their realistic hopes must lie with qualifying for the Champions League from 4th place.

As for my team (Leeds)...we are under no illusions and I fear the good work of the last few games maybe undone with a spanking at Highbury on Friday night. Think Leicester and Wolves are definately down: Leeds, Blackburn and Portsmouth won't be far off but my guess is that City will drop.


Dave Payn

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I think Wolves are doomed. I think Leeds will survive even if Arsenal beat them. Alan Smith's diatribe at his own players may well work wonders, coming from a lad who's Leeds through and through. Leicester and Blackburn are my tips to join Wolves.