Will the Arsenal bottle it?

Arsenal or Chelsea for the title this year

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2nd man down

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So the Premiership is drawing to an exciting climax...Will Arsenal hold their nerve and come away with more than just a Champions League spot, or will Chelsea take advantage of Wengers teams collywobbles and give Roman something big and silver to drink out of while he's writing out his "Thanks Claudio, but goodbye" letter??

Incidentally for what it's worth i think Claudio Ranieri deserves so much respect for the dignified way he's handled all the speculation and if they do sack him after the season they've had I think it's every Chelsea fans duty to boycott all games next year!!!

And Man U? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!..Ha ha ha ha ha!! :D :D :D


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I honestly think Chelsea will do it. They have come onto a bit of great form in the last few games and reaching the champs league semi will keep that momentum going. I think Arsenal have bottled it in the crunch games they've had recently which is a bit of a pity as I really wanted them to beat Man U.


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Just for info, here's the respective remaining fixtures:

Liverpool (h)
Newcastle (a)
Leeds (h)
Tottenham (a)
Birmingham (h)
Fulham (a)
Leicester (h)
Portsmouth (a)

Middlesbrough ((h)
Aston Villa (a)
Everton (h)
Newcastle (a)
Southampton (h)
Man Utd (a)
Leeds (h)

Paper doesn't list Man U.

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Darth_Tuba said:
Just for info, here's the respective remaining fixtures:

........ ................

.............. .................
Paper doesn't list Man U.

No, but it does list HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH

;-) :lol:


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As a comitted neutral (with slight Liverpool leanings!) I think Arsenal will win, as long as Henry stays fit. If he doesn't they could struggle, when he was on the bench for the Man U game they looked very shaky going forward, it was as if they were wanting to pass to him even though he wasn't there.


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not trying to suggest they're a one man team are you?

and it looks like he's out for the next two weeks with a back injury...

:D :wink:

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lynchie said:
i really hope chelsea beat them... that way the "Treble eh?" mocking can start... :D

What planet have you been on? The treble mocking started last Saturday afternoon and I, a Gooner, even started it on here! (or at least, the Arsenal gags) In fact there's now a brand new Arsenal dartboard on the market, but it's got no doubles or trebles.

Obviously I hope Arsenal don't bottle it. If they do well in their next two games against Liverpool and Newcastle, then I think they're home and dry. Still, IF they don't, for reasons already explained (i.e. Ranieri's treatment by Abramovich and co.), I won't mind Chelsea winning it. Man U? Man Who? A team that used to win trebles now seems satisfied with simply getting one over Arsenal and reaching an FA cup final against Millwall (wow, what a prestige match that will be!). Must have lower standards these days, I guess.....


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lynchie said:
not trying to suggest they're a one man team are you?

and it looks like he's out for the next two weeks with a back injury...

:D :wink:

Not from carrying the team, I hope? *groan* :roll:


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Much as I would love to see United come back from a 12 point gap over 8 games, I would be even more surprised than I was this morning after seeing Depor and Monaco get through to the semi finals of the Champions League.

Personally speaking, I think the title will be going to Stamford Bridge this year. Arsenal have suffered a dip in form at the worst possible time. I'd have to agree that even a Leage/European Cup double won't save Ranieri.

Just for the record, United's remaining league games are:

Birmingham (A)
Leicester (H)
Porstmouth (A)
Charlton (H)
Liverpool (H)
Blackburn (A)
Chelsea (H)
Aston Villa (A)


For the record, next year will be my 28th following United!


Well Arsenal are on the downwards run now...they're going lose plenty of games over easter, Chelsea will push all their feeble efforts to try and win the Champions League! I doubt it very much!
Leaving Man Utd with the double!

Dave Payn

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yorkie19 said:
For the record, next year will be my 28th following United!

And my 34th following Arsenal! (Though when I move to Scotland, I've been told to support Kilmarnock and hate Ayr United with a passion!)

Talking of long term support: what about 'Celebrity Traitors'. The story goes that the mega buffoon David Mellor, a Chelsea 'fan', (don't make me laugh), football critic (I said don't make me laugh!) and classical music 'expert' (okay, NOW I'm laughing!) once supported Fulham. Going slightly off topic, does anyone else know of any 'celeb' fans who swopped to their rivals when convenient?


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I can see Arsenal dropping a few more points before the end but honestly think they will come out on top. Amazing how fickle people and inparticular the press are....suddenly Arsenal are a bad team and in crisis. Form is temporary class is permanent :wink:

Similar with Chelsea - people have been ready to knock them this year and Mr Ranieri and suddenly they are heroes! They desereve real credit because any other year on this form and with the points they have, they would be top of the league.

Man Utd fans - you are a set of losers......you always slag off the fans who jeered when you got knocked out of Europe etc...now you are doing the same thing. Sign of the times I think..come on Chelsea..keep them in third!

I am a Leeds fan however and have more important things on my mind :? :roll:


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I had a mate went down to hybury (sp?) popped int oa local bar and they'd stopped seving doubles and Trebles!!

I think it's all about momentem, Arsenal have lost it, Chelsea have it, Man U don't even remember what it is anymore!!!!! I think chelsea will just sneak it, And Ranieri can walk out to the Real Madrid job this summer!!


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As long as Utd don't get the title, I don't mind whether the Gooners or Chelski get the title, having said that I think Ranieri deserves it after the way he's been treated.

I personally have had a good week watching Franchise FC up in concrete cow city (Milton Keynes) deservedly go down, whilst the true Wimbledon are 2 games away from going up and getting our league place back

Combined Counties League
Pos Team Played Won Drew Lost For Agi Diff Pts
1 AFC Wimbledon 37 34 3 0 142 22 120 105
2 AFC Wallingford 38 27 6 5 99 34 65 87
3 Southall 39 25 4 10 107 47 60 79
4 Walton Casuals 40 25 4 11 106 55 51 79
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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