Widor Toccata


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I have recently purchased the Widor Toccata arranged by Sparke. In the published version that I got, I noticed that the percussion parts are tacet. Every recording that I have of this has percussion parts playing along. Any help on where to get these would be greatly appreciated.

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James Watson wrote some percussion parts for the piece when he was at Black Dyke. Those are the only ones I know about. Please feel free to add some if you wish!


I know this is an old thread dwltrumpet, but did you have a problem with the bass parts?

We have just bought this for a concert in February, and discovered that the Eb and Bb Bass parts had been incorrectly annotated!

Anyone else noticed that they had been swapped?


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How do you mean incorrectly annotated? Like the BB part was headed with 'Eb bass' and vice versa?

Have to say I've played this one a number of times and never noticed that.....


Yes, that's correct, the Eb part was marked Bb, and the Bb part marked Eb....

Maybe older versions were ok?

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