Why does the screen go strange?

Can anyone tell me why the screen goes a bit jittery when you get a text or phonecall and your mobile is close to the screen?
I'm guessing some sort of interference but being non-sciency i'm not sure!

Interference yes, but not going into the techie stuff (yawn!)

Suggest not leaving your moby so close to the screen ? ;)

2nd man down

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it's basically microwaves (keep your phone close to your head for prolonged lengths of time and according to some scientific studies eventually you'll boil your brain).

Electromagnetic interferance. (It's also the reason they tell you to switch off your mobile on planes, in hospitals and at petrol stations, the interferance they cause is quite severe).

Look what it does to your pc and then imagine the effect it'll have on a life support machine or flight navigation system!!! Uurgh!!


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it's similar to the effect of someone with their phone on silent in our lectures when the microphone suddenly goes crazy...

Lil Miss

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I think it's rather amusin.....that's why sometimes i deliberately leave my phone near the computer screen.


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Naruco said:
I would try to avoid that... eventually it will kill ya monitor
Yes - remember London Zoo lost one of their monitors a week or so back, so it can happen ;)


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Ummmm.....actually one of the first things London Zoo did when they had problems with their monitor was to 'phone me for advice..........

Ron Rees Davies (BVSc., CertZooMed., MRCVS..)

p.s. - I haven't noticed probs with my mobile, but I have a bunch of kids that enjoy riding up and down on their scooters outside my house and the noise when they overrev the engines sends lines across the TV screen.

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