why do you go to band?


i'd like to know why people go to band. I go because I enjoy playing but I also like to have a laugh while I'm there. Apologies if this is a repeated thread but I'm new on here and curious!!


I love band!! I love the playing, especially before a contest, because it really gives you something to work towards. Obviously, it's a really good laugh and then there's the drinking. I have yet to meet another organisation that can drink as well (and as much) as brass bands! :guiness


we don't seem to do much drinking!! Everyone always seems to be rushing home for whatever reason. Its very rare that we go to the pub and when we do half the band is missing. I miss the pub! :cry:
I go to band because it's great fun and I can chill out (except at comp times!) I don't know about your bands, but mine is really friendly and laid back and certainly knows how to sink a few pints. :guiness


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Why do i go to band?? well they ae a great bunch of folk who are great to be with on a friday night. I dont always go to the pub after band because i usually have abigail with me, but i do drop in occasionaly just for a coke you understand. :guiness

Oh and we happen to be fine musicians with a great MD in front of us who occasionalyy gets us to blow thiough these brass things, while he waves his hands about and jumps up and down like a erm......goodun!
:lol: :lol:
I go to band because I enjoy playing and want to constantly improve, but also for the social aspect! My band is a great social band, and all folks there are really friendly! We also go down to the pub after rehearsals and have a good natter-which is great! It's fantastic to go to a band rehearsal looking forward to playing, having a laugh with your banding mates and not having any concerns over friendships!

So, all you budding cornet players that live in the shropshire area, come down to Jackfield Band (1st section) for a blow! I promise-you'll have a superb time!


I love banding and all that goes with it.I gave up for many years and now I'm back I ca'nt believe it took me so long to return.Contests are the best-especially the banter and the bevy.


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i go to bandbecause its a great social place but its also great for ensemble playing. also i like the buzz u get from contests and also concerts are a good place for entertainment!! i like the fact that one things can have so many sides to it, the social, contestin, marching, and concert! i havent found anywhere else that offers that kind of varietty! also i like meeting loads of gr8 musicians, theres only the best people in brass bands! and basically its a gr8 world!
I go to band for quite a few reasons, Brass banding has been in my blood for many years and i can't stop going. I like the people in the band they are a great bunch of people :D I also enjoy the different types of music that we play and even though it can sometimes be hell the contesting is great and i really enjoy it. I only wish that different bands would mingle at contests, some people may do this but i have yet to meet anyone from TMP at a contest, I am not hard to miss I am quite tall :D next contest will someone say hello to me please :)


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I've always loved going to band practise. I will never miss a practise, even if I'm ill I will still turn up! Theres a great social side to it, and it means I get to be around people with the same interests as me, and play the music that i like, as well as having a great laugh at the same time! :D :D



i go to band to make music with my mates and have a few beverages afterwards, enjoy contesting too, keeps me on me toes!!!

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I love just playing!! Brass bands, jazz bands, orchestras. I am happiest when I am doing something musical. I hate the stress involved in running the band, but that's part and parcel....

....isn't it?
I caught "the bug" as a 12 year old after being brought up in an orchestral/piano background and haven't turned back since - much to the dismay of my early childhood teachers!!!

I think theres something magical about the sound of a good brass band that makes you want to play and play and play till you can play no more.
Because there's nothing else like the sound of the cornet...nothing else like the sound of a cornet section...and nothing else like the sound of a brass band.

Oh yeah...there are also the other intangibles: good friends... working to be your best as a team...overcoming the challenges and obstacles together...the thrill of victory (we hope someday)...the agony of defeat...the ecstacy of :guiness ...having an alibi for all crimes committed between 7:00 to 9:15 pm on Monday nights...
That's a very good question at the moment. Why DO I go to band?

I go first and foremost to make quality music. I want to have a laugh with mates but that comes secondary to what the whole point of the organisation is.....music making!

Some people turn up and it's like a social club to them. Don't want to sound miserable about this but these people mess about during rehearsals (giggling and talking over the MD), don't seem to do much practice at home and just don't seem to care about what noise the band is making.

I'm addicted to banding and some people might read this and think that I should lighten up but at the end of the day, I want to be enjoying playing, be proud of the sound the band produces and then be able to have a laugh!

Also decided recently that we spend too much time in the bandroom and not enough time doing gigs, which is what it's about surely?

Sorry to be a downer on an otherwise :D thread!!


I'm with great cheese. I go to band to make music. I enjoy playing with a group, harmonising, playing a tune, the sum of the whole being greater than the individuals etc.

I do get depressed when people just use the rehearsal time as their bi weekly practice time. But that is their choice and everyone else needs to respect that. It is a hobby afterall!

I enjoy bands because there are a great mix of people much less pretentious than orchestras.

I just happen to have a life outside of band so don't need to live in the pocket of the people that are also in band.

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