Why do we do it all ?

Why do you do it ?

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MoominDave said:
Here's a good one on the multiple trigger BT - no repeat positions in a phrase. It cracks the 2nd player up (well, ours anyway) if you play say several repeated middle concert Fs in the middle of some nasty cheese thus:

1, 6, T1, t2, T5, t6, Tt2, Tt5

Tricky on the tuning!


Beauty, I'm definately going to try this one.

Also Dave, thanks for passing my name on for the Siegfried gig. I was already playing unfortunately but cheers all the same.


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No probs. We got a Tenor from Imperial College to play the part in the end. It was a good craic, and I felt that I could almost play the Contra by the end of the weekend :lol: It's a pity that I won't have any call to touch it for another year now...

It is like an extended family, I had been away from banding for too many years and at the last regionals I met people that I had been at school with about 20 years ago and it was like old times talking about past shared experiences and where we were now, but there was no strangeness just great to see each other and still be part of the brass band scene.
I do it because that's how I met my lovely husband and we relish in it as our "adult time" without our children. I love gazing across at him across tha bandroom and without him my enjoyment would disappear.

PS - Also love playin ga team with Sal - but not the same love that I have for Steve! :)


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