Why do I need to register at all...???


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Why do I need to register at all?

Though everyone can view each forum and thread within theMouthPiece.com, you actually do need to register with theMouthPiece.com forums before you can post a new thread, or reply to an existing thread. Once registered, you can view all topics, post your own topics, access private messages etc. To register, please click on the "Register" icon at the top of the Forum main page. Once you have registered you will become a full theMouthPiece.com forumS Member - you will then see the full list of Discussion Topic Sections on our new forum.

If you try to reply to a post, or open a new thread you will be asked for a Username and Password. If you haven't yet registered, then you will need to do so. Please do - it will help us to help you!!


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