Why did u start playing?

south bank

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why did you start playing

stopped playig tenor horn when i left school in 1969. Saw a band playing Xmas stuff in shopping centre in Hartlepool (we've got electricity as well) and introduced myself (Dec 2002) went to first practise in jan 2003 and now playing 1st Baritone and feel i've wasted 33 years of my life

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I started playing piano and recorder at a ridiculously early age.

I went to music school and found it was a very lonely existance, having to practice alone for hours at a time, so i decided to become more sociable and take up another instrument.

I went for percussion as it looked like the most fun thing around, and havnt looked back since.

(i am trying to learn euphonium now though)


i started on tenor horn at junior school, then saw the band playing in cascades shopping centre and joined them, then moved onto euph, now on baritone (and i love it)

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